there is literally nothing celeb stylist lux wright can't make spicier, sexier + more stylish

Some people are stylish because it's their skill, craft, talent... others, like Lux Wright, exude style because it's in their DNA. She literally cannot be un-chic. To meet this celebrity stylist, costumer and production designer is to enter a world of delicious creativity where she is clearly a master. You might've seen her work on magazine covers or with A-listers like Angelina Jolie, Cara Delevigne or Cher. (And yes, you can see her mastery at work in our latest lingerie shoot).

She sat down with us to share inspiration on everything from lingerie dressing to styling your space for certain moods. If you want to see even more of her magic at work or how she lives a juicy, playful, multi-hyphenate life, follow her on Instagram.

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celebrity stylist lux wright keeps life spicy

how can we style lingerie in the bedroom to help express ourselves, our moods + more?

lux wright, celebrity stylist

When it comes to styling your lingerie to express your mood, I think a good go-to for me is color. I think it's a good base and it can be one of the most direct reflections of our moods. Then from there, I would use pieces to play into my mood. Sometimes it may be a more typical lace set or sometimes it may lean a little more into the world of role-playing. But I would say just feel free to think outside the box and think outside of the typical realm of bedroom attire. Recently I wore just a pair of sunglasses with my lingerie, and it was so fun. Something I never really thought to incorporate in, but they just happened to be there and I was feeling it and I put them on and I wore them the whole time. It was amazing.

Just go with whatever you're feeling and it doesn't have to be your typical bedroom attire. Think outside of the normal realm.

that's so fun.

lux wright

Yeah, it was. I was like, "I'm going to have to do this again."

i think sometimes we forget it's supposed to be fun and joyful and playful.

lux wright

Yeah, totally. I think it can be whatever makes you feel sexy. Sometimes it's just like a shirt and underwear, and that's cool and that's fun. It just depends on the mood. So I think it's good to remember it doesn't have to be the typical. And sometimes it is, and that's awesome, and that is there for a reason. It's tried and true, but I think if we think outside the box a little, there's ways to incorporate pieces that still make it fun and sexy.

lingerie can help us feel more empowered, powerful, sexy — how can we take that energy into how we dress everyday?

lux wright

Outside of the obvious reasons, I think part of why lingerie helps us feel more powerful and sexy is, one, how well it fits us. And then, two, I really do think it's the time that we put into it. It can take a lot of time to put on something as minimal as lingerie. So for me, when I take the time to really coordinate my look, I do feel more empowered and more confident and more sexy. So I would say taking the time to put effort into our looks.

And then I would say another thing that goes back to the fit is getting our clothes tailored. If something really fits you well, it really boosts your confidence, your look, just everything. I would say getting your garments tailored is kind of a guaranteed way to make you feel empowered in what you're wearing.

because you fit so many bodies as a stylist, do you think most people could benefit from tailoring?

I absolutely do. I mean, even just thinking off the top of my head with my friends group alone, we're all so many different body types, shapes, and sizes, and where one person is small here, the other person is big there, and it's not just an overall fit. It's everything from distance from your shoulder to your breast to your waist to your hip, and we're all just so different and mixed and it's beautiful. I think that when you try on just typical clothes, most of it we get away with, but I think if you were able to get pieces that are quality, strong pieces within your look and take the time to get them tailored, I think that most people would find that that is a much more realistic route to go to in terms of shaping a wardrobe that makes you feel empowered.

lux wright lunatic femme lingerie stylist
stylist lux wright uses selfies to try new trends + looks

so lingerie dressing, obviously it's hot. people are wearing underwear everywhere.

lux wright

Oh my God. Especially now. I love it.

what are some ways to incorporate lingerie dressing into your looks if you don’t want to bare it all?

lux wright

Yeah, because we've seen that underwear pants is the thing right now, and that the look is a little baring. And in terms of not baring at all, we've definitely also seen a harness over the shirt or a dress, which I also love. I think the harness over a shirt or dress is a super easy way to add sex appeal and style without bearing anything. I think another option I would suggest if you're trying to dress your looks without showing a ton of skin is to consider the materials you're wearing. You could do something like a patent leather or latex bottom. You could do a mesh top that's layered. You could wear fishnets or nylons instead of socks. Incorporating silk or lace into your look. Again, I think the use of material is a really key way to incorporate lingerie dressing into your looks without showing a ton of skin.

just pivoting off fashion, you have amazing creativity... how do you stay creative and curious?

lux wright

Thank you. And I do feel really lucky, too. I'm just inspired by so many things on the daily from color combinations to architecture to nature. I just always have a ton of ideas racing around in my head, and I have a long list of ideas that I'm constantly adding to, things I want to do. Something for me, though, because I'm so inspired and I feel like I'm just kind of going, going, something that helps me is to make sure that I do take the time to slow down and take a moment to appreciate the details in what I'm doing, to focus and really feel what I'm doing. I do get caught up in that fast pace of things, and so for me, it's almost like giving myself that quiet moment to focus and see what curiosities or creativity come in that stillness rather than the constant flow of our lives that can be so chaotic.

do you have triggers that you use to instantly get you into your creative flow?

lux wright

Music, for sure. I think that music is universal and it's also one of our truest forms of expression, and it's a really easy way to tap in and focus and hone in on the mood that I am feeling or trying to achieve if I'm working on a specific goal with a client or something. I think music and then nature. Nature really centers me and grounds me and kind of always gets me back to a still space where I can focus and have confidence, too, in what I'm feeling.

"I think that we are finally in a day and age where there are no more rules, and I love that. I think that it just created this freedom for everybody."

— lux wright, celebrity stylist

what are a few pieces we should add to our closet for instant queen energy?

lux wright

I think instant queen energy can come from anything that's like a statement piece. Something bold, bright, colorful, big, sparkly, a strong silhouette. Something I put on, and it's just like, "Bam, she is that bitch." It draws attention, turns heads. I mean, I feel like it's just you are instantly a main character.

what's that piece for you?

lux wright

I think for me, initially what is coming to my head is I have a lot of faux fur jackets that I wear casually. I'll put it on to go walk my dog in the neighborhood because no matter what I'm wearing, if I put on my faux fur leopard hooded jacket, I just instantly feel like I can take on anything. I can have any conversation. I don't know, there's just something so empowering about it. I would say that that is probably it for me.

And then on a maybe more realistic level, I would say layering accessories for me. When I have a ton of jewelry on, I feel more like myself and more kind of dominant, I guess, in terms of not having to go full out with experimenting with the look. And if I just layer my jewelry, I feel like it's a way for me to kind of add statement without being so bright and bold as a faux fur leopard coat while I'm walking my dog.

that's kinda hot. i love it

lux wright

Yeah, it's definitely introducing me into the neighborhood, that's for sure.

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what’s a styling trick we can try if we want to stretch ourselves into a new mindset or trend or look?

lux wright

I would say accessories. I think it's a tricky thing to be following trends, especially now because they shift so quickly. It's kind of nuts. But I think one of the best ways to try a new look is through accessories. It's small and it's a more affordable way to dip into different vibes, see what we like, see what works for us, and it's an accessible way to venture into new styles and a good way to try something small so we're not feeling like an imposter for trying something out. I think that that can sometimes be an issue when we're trying out new looks and we're so used to seeing ourselves a certain way that if you try something full on, it can be an instant no. Where I feel like if you just kind of pepper in pieces, it's an easier way to transition without feeling like that imposter syndrome is happening.

And something I do as well is, if I'm unsure of something, I'll try it on and I'll take photos and videos of myself and then I'll come back to it a week later because sometimes it is just getting out of seeing yourself in a specific way. And sometimes if you take a photo and you're like, "Ew, no, delete," but then a week later you're like, "Oh, that was actually cute." There's something about giving it time and space and breath to just give yourself that openness and not that harsh critic that we can be of ourselves. I would also say taking photos and videos of yourself and then checking back in, maybe it does work for you.

do you feel like the rules have kind of changed, like there are fewer rules now, too?

lux wright

Oh my God, yes, absolutely. I think that we are finally in a day and age where there are no more rules, and I love that. I think that it just created this freedom for everybody.

you also do set design — how can we create more sensuality in our living spaces?

lux wright

Yeah, I love that. I love the idea of creating sensuality in the living space. I think that's really cool. And I would say lighting. Lighting, I think, can be the visual mood center, especially if you're trying to spice up your existing space. I would use warm-toned lights, colored lights, and then a dimmer really, really helps make the difference in achieving a more sensual space.

Another element I would focus on is scent and texture, making sure the space is clean and not smelling like whatever you cooked last, add some good smells that aren't too overpowering, and then incorporating that texture, like soft blankets, pillows or a soft rug to a room. It not only adds that textural element, but I think it also hones in on your touch senses and kind of ignites even more sensuality.

what are some ways you like to set a mood (both fashion and spaces)?

lux wright

I think in general I always have to honor my mood, whatever it is, for that moment. Sometimes it's a mood we have to get through. But I think that, yeah, music for me is really a key way to honor my mood, whatever it is. I do just think it's one of the truest forms of self-expression. When I'm aiming to set my look or my space, I think that music really helps me focus and channel that mood because it's something, even if things aren't... If you're wearing something that necessarily isn't your mood, I think if you have music, it kind of helps channel what you're aiming for.

And I think for photoshoots specifically, that is a key element for me, for the talent on set, and whomever to achieve the final product that we're aiming for, the final idea, the final goal.

celebrity stylist lux wright style valentines day lunatic femme

when it comes to looking/feeling sexy in what we wear, what are some rules to live by… and rules to toss?

lux wright

Like we were saying earlier, I think we are finally in a time where there are no more rules on what's sexy. I feel like the idea of sexy in general has evolved so much and it's really given people of all styles and body types more freedom to express themselves in what is uniquely sexy to them. I think that's really beautiful and exciting. I think the fluidity of what's considered sexy has created this freedom for all of us to experiment with our styles and not be ashamed. I think if it makes you feel good, I would say that's the only rule to aim for.

love that, especially with lingerie because we see models who look perfect in our minds and then we're thinking, how can we recreate that? but it's more about creating what, to your point, feels good.

lux wright

Totally. It doesn't have to be the typical of what we know when you're thinking about sexy. That is out the door and there's so many ways to compliment and accentuate your body to where you feel good and it's not the cookie cutter bra and panty lace set.

And I love that. I really love that freedom.

since you’re an expert at costuming I feel like I should ask you a role play question… what tricks can we take from Hollywood styling to better create a character we want to play with a lover?

lux wright

Oh my gosh, I love a character role in any sense of the form. I love it. I think for me when I'm doing costuming, my focus is the details, to not forget the small components that make up that character, the accessories, the makeup, the hair, the nails. All of these elements combined really just get the look that you're going for to the place you want it to be. I will say that granted, to incorporate all of it is a lot, and that's why in Hollywood we have the different departments. We have hair. We have makeup. It is a lot. So to do it all on your own, it is a lot. But I think just feel free to get creative and most importantly, just have fun.

What are your lingerie styling tips, tricks and hacks? Comment below...

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