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If you're ready to double the pleasure, double the fun this holiday, Santa's got your back (and front). Designed with all parts in mind, from couple’s vibes to intuitive syncing devices, these handpicked, gender-friendly gifts are thoughtful additions to any lovers’ sack.  


  Dame Fin Finger Vibrator 

Dame Fin is f’in incredible for pinpointing pleasure. We are suckers for detachable parts that give you all kinds of erotic options. The tether ensures a secure hold for big o’s and an easy grab, but is also removable for petite and discreet action. Soft, medical grade, waterproof silicone feels delicious, with a pointy end for targeted vibration and flat, squishy end ideal for teasing labias, nipples and perineums in whatever patterns or intensities work for you. $65  

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Zalo Bayek Couple’s Vibrating Ring 

If you like it, then you should definitely put a ring on it. Zalo’s Bayek double-ring vibe secures around the penis and scrotum to ensure the vibrating arm extending down his shaft stays in place, promoting rock-hard penetration and simultaneous clit and g-spot stimulation. And a silicone-encased remote allows for you to stay connected while adjusting vibration levels. Or, strap it around your fingers to puppeteer pleasure and show off a little bling — the gold shield embellishment adding a touch of style that says “With this ring, I thee bed.”  $99  

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Mystery Vibe Wearable Vibrator 

This wearable vibrator makes his cock feel like santa’s magic sleigh ride. Mystery Vibe’s 2.0 version of Tenuto consists of four strategically placed motors that pulsate under the perineum in an ergonomic booster-like seat for the balls and expandable collar that stretches to fit 90% of flaccid penises. Those good vibrations pass up into the labia and vagina upon penetration thanks to preset programs, 16 intensities and two hours of go-time per charge. And it might even be what the doctor ordered, with users claiming it works wonders for issues ranging from premature or delayed ejaculation to erectile dysfunction. $224 

Holiday gift guide bonus: unisex lingerie harness


This unisex booty harness gives you deliciously easy access for play with all your couples' sex toys. High-performance, European mesh hugs the booty while the adjustable silk leg garters stroke the skin. Remove the garters for a completely different look.

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DIY Kits for Couples 

When you just can’t get enough of your loved one, nothing says I want you like cloning their penis or pussy. Not technically a vibrator, these in-home molding kits of your loved one’s bits allow you to enjoy a more creative sex life. Use the algae-based molding powder to curate your lover’s cock and balls in 100% platinum-cure silicone—available in 9 different shades. And pair your labia of love with a built-in masturbation sleeve for realism art that everyone can appreciate. $79.95 - $89.95, respectively

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Lovesense Pairing Devices 

You don’t have to be a trekkie to love this futuristic fvck. Lovesense complements their high-tech sleeve, Max 2, with the capability to sync movements between their rabbit vibrator Nora, pocket pussy Calor or another Max 2. This allows for you to react to your partner’s movements from any distance. Or, strap on a pair of virtual reality goggles to use toys in tandem with interactive adult videos. This blue-tooth and app-controlled action and cutting-edge designs closes the gap in any long-distance relationship with an absence that will no doubt make the heart grow fonder—among other things. Max 2 $199  

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BONUS: Njoy Fun Wand  

Njoy claims this couple’s companion in high-quality stainless steel is pretty enough to keep on your mantle for spreading those holiday vibes. So hang up your silk stockings and get ready for some fireside fun. The variety is endless, perfectly curved to activate the g-spot or p-spot during oral or using the end with graduated bulbs for up to 8” of ass play. An impressive 12 ounces gives it a beautiful hand-feel while the sleek and shiny surface pairs beautifully with slip for a smooth and seamless glide. Not ready to put your Fun Wand on display? Tuck it away in the accompanying red-satin-lined box to open whenever the spirit of giving it to each other moves you. So while it's not technically a vibrator, it will send ripples of pleasure through you. $95 

 What couple's sex toys are on your fuck list? What's missing from our holiday gift guide? Comment below…👇💋

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