an extra day means xxxtra play... try these yummy leap day ideas for more fun

Not that you need an excuse to revel in all your powerful sexual energy, but if you do, we've got 21 naughty, playful, romantic, sexy ways to spend leap day. Whether you're solo or partnered, you've got 24 bonus hours to give yourself endless pleasure. Plan the day wisely and if you're truly enlightened, we hope you only leave the bed to get more reinforcements (read: toys, lingerie, lube, hydration, food delivery). Have fun, sex queens.


schedule a marathon sex sesh

Take a tip from sexologist Kim Anami and book a 3-hour sex date with yourself or your lover. She recommends doing this weekly to have a juicier, yummier life, so why not start today?

fuck when the clock strikes midnight

Welcome this once-in-every-four-year opportunity as soon as the clock strikes with your favorite midnight snack. You, them, each other….

play in a butt plug

Sporting an anal plug while you go about your day reminds you that you get an extra 24 hours of pleasure. If butt plugs are not your thing, yoni eggs, cock rings, remote vibes [insert your pleasure here].

indulge in your lingerie fantasies

Splurge on a once-in-four-years piece that lights you up with the feel, the shape, the texture, the fabric, the way it holds you, the way it moves you, the way it moves with you, the way you can make it your own and live next to your skin… 

call off work

You got this day as a bonus, why give it to your boss? Instead, why not give it to yourself or your lover. Literally, put yourself on the clock and their pleasure and at the end of the day tally up your tab.

test drive a new sex position

Bounce your way into the leap year with The Bunny Hop. With your partner sitting on the bed or couch, squat over them and bounce, baby. Bonus points for dialing up the intensity with a vibrating penis ring.

have a sundowner

Don’t let the sun set on your pleasure. Why not mix up your most luscious cocktail and toast the dimming of the day in your sexiest aprés work attire. After all, Thursdays are the new weekend. 

score a new kind of orgasm

Since leap day is all bonus hours, there’s no need for a quickie. Take your sweet-ass time and try a new type of O…. nipple-gasm, cervical orgasm, anal-gasm, hands-free. The pleasure is in the journey so no pressure, just play.

bring laughter to bed

Wrestle, tease, play a game, laugh… in bed. Watch a comedy naked. Try a new sex position that’s hilariously impossible — and hot. Bringing joy to bed can enhance intimacy and it’s just fucking fun.


Go off the grid with your lover. Hole up in your bedroom or your fav hotel room and give yourselves 24 hours of non-stop presence. Eye gaze. Tandem breathe. Run a bath. Cuddle. See all of the above…. Rinse and repeat.

work up a sweat

Whether it’s a run, bike ride, naked yoga, jiu jitsu, get into your bodies, boost your testosterone, build your appetite, get raw, get animal, get it!

add a blindfold to your oral play

Ask your lover to blindfold you then lay back and enjoy the ride. Discover the exhilarating power of sensory deprivation to zero in on exactly how it feels… magnify every sensation, every sound, every droplet of pleasure and feel unbound to ask for exactly what you want (more of).

have sex for lunch

Cancel your mid-day meetings and block time for your lover, partner or crystal wand. At a hotel. At home. In a different part of your house. You’ll be in a fabulous mood at work the rest of the day.

fuck first

This tip comes from sex guru Dan Savage. You’ve got more energy, your lingerie fits better, you’re less impaired by cocktails, you work up a savage appetite and you get to linger over dinner in your post-coital glow. And there’s no rule that says you can’t have an after-party if the mood strikes. Again.

trade massages with your lover

Break out the oils and massage candles, cue the sexy playlist, don’t look at the clock. Give each other the slowest, most indulgent rub down you can. Think about incorporating slower, micro-movements, different textures, varying strokes, different pressures.

trade fantasies with your lover

Expand your repertoire. Imagine what’s possible with a once-in-a-four-year opportunity to re-write the script. Let your imagination run wild and channel this feral energy long past leap year.

wake and bake... and bang

Research shows that weed and coffee naturally go together in the morning because of their inherent dopamine hit. It’s no coincidence that orgasms also create a huge spike in dopamine. So why not make them your new morning threesome?

role play the day away

Stay in character, test drive power dynamics, how do you use your “new” personality with sex toys, with communication, with pleasing yourself and your lover.

do a touch test

Take it in turns to taste test new sensations with a variety of textures and objects. From a silk ribbon to a Wartenberg wheel, tease and delight with the surprise of the unexpected. Discover new edges and pleasures

buy yourself flowers

Listen to Miley — yes, you can buy yourself flowers. (And, so can your lover.) Invite the fragrance of your most romantic, soul-stirring petals to infuse your mood and your intimate spaces for inspo and beauty on tap. 

worship each other

If you're partnered up, try worshipping each other's most sacred spaces. Let them worship your pussy through sweet talk, dirty talk, gazing, stroking and all-around celebrating how if looks, feels, smells, works... Trade with your partner and worship their cock or pussy. Noticing how much their is about someone else's body can help you love how your body looks naked, too. It's leap day... what would you rather be doing with a bonus 24 hours?

How are you celebrating leap year? Comment below with your sexy leap day ideas.

xxx, Lunatic Femme

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