roundup of our top erotica podcasts paired with erotic luxury lingerie

Listen to our top erotica podcasts here or on Spotify. Below is a summary of some of our sexiest audio erotica, paired lingerie and linked to the original post where you can read if you choose. From BDSM, play parties and cuckolding to public sex, romance and masturbation, find what brings you pleasure, inspires your creativity or stirs your curiosity. 

happy erotica-ing.


erotica 1: when you get the perfect gift: cuckolding x luxury lingerie

In our debut erotic read, new mom Blair gets a deliciously naughty date night from her kinky, voyeuristic husband. It's up to Blair to say exactly what she wants, how and where she likes it.

Dress code: the déjà vu 11 bodysuit of course.

 lunatic femme erotica podcast sexy bodysuit

erotica 2: when BDSM takes the spotlight at a sex club

In this insanely erotic read, cherry becomes queen for the night and channels her inner Dom with a sexy little submissive who plays her role like a good girl. 

Dress code: the flatiron body harness naturally

boa panty lunatic femme erotica

erotica 3: when a hot bar hook-up is on the menu

In this juicy erotic read, renn can't deny the feral animal attraction she feels with her first date and lets herself tap into her own wild side at the end of the night. 

Dress code: the boa panty… because the silk ties can be removed when your lover's wrists (or your own) need a little tying up.

boa panty lunatic femme erotica

erotica 4: when you close a business deal under the table

In this juicy erotic read, frankie negotiates the deal of her life, while navigating some under-the-table business tactics. Turns out, she'll need to finish the power play back at the hotel.

Dress code: the butterfly waist cincher-corset-collar-bandeau so you can slide it over whatever assets you want to highlight.

boa panty lunatic femme erotica

erotica 5: when you lose yourself to orgasmic pleasure during a class

In this juicy erotic read, merci learns that once you unleash your kundalini, you just have to surrender to its power – no matter where you are or how many eyes are on you.

Dress code: the slinkiest, sleekest featherlight micro g-string so you can let your hips writhe in pleasure, completely unrestricted.

lunatic femme erotica podcast g-string

erotica 6: when you give in to foreplay on the dance floor

In this naughty erotic read, valentina finds herself fantasizing about the woman across the bar and has to decide whether to ditch her date or let him watch her give in to her desires.

Dress code: the inquisitor demi lace bra that leaves just enough skin exposed for lips.

erotica 7: when your Dom wants you suspended in that shibari rope

In this kinky, BDSM erotic read, iris hits the dungeon for the first time and gets her shibari fantasies met.

Dress code: the champagne 33 bodysuit that comes with removable silk ties of its own… just in case your Dom wants some additional tying play.

erotica 8: when you test-drive your new harness in a restaurant bathroom

In this sexy erotic read, lucy rides the wave of foreplay and tease as she wears her new lingerie harness and butt plug to a dinner date with her lover.

Dress code: the chandelier waist harness because it loops through our ohm panties (or over other styles) so you can get that strappy lingerie harness look on demand.

lunatic femme erotica podcast sexy bodysuit

erotica 9: when your erotic massage delivers a full-body happy ending

In this igniting erotic read, we see just how much seraphina will surrender control to let the waves of erotic pleasure roll through her body at the hands of an expert yoni massager.

Dress code: the scorpion ring collar necklace because the ultra-long, soft AF silk ties tickle your back while the kundalini energy flows up your spine

lunatic femme erotica podcast sexy bodysuit

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