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I couldn’t believe I was running late to this workshop. I’d been planning this for weeks now. The fact that I was running late was well out of character for me. Parking was a mess in Venice, as usual. As I flung around yet another corner waiting for a spot to open up, I spotted a car just pulling out. I swooped into the space, threw my car in park, grabbed my bag with a change of clothes and ran down the sidewalk; my McQueen slides clomping on the pavement. 

As my hand met the cold, steel handle of the door, I paused, settled myself a little and took a deep breath before opening it. A large group of women sat in a circle around the room under low lights. Each with a yoga mat under them, some had a blanket and each had a meditation pillow beside them. They were introducing themselves and sharing.

As I found my space, a number of smiles and nods (even a giggle or two) were being exchanged. I’d been wanting more connection with my body and this already felt like a safe place amongst these women.

The woman before me finished and it was my turn to share. I was the last to go. I was still settling in a little, but did my best to calm my nerves and be present.

“Hello everyone. I’m Merci… like ‘thank you’... 

I’ve been wanting to take a workshop like this for a really long time. I think I’m here so I can feel more empowered in my body and just feel permission to experience my own sensuality. I’m here to take a ride and just let go for once in my life.”

“Hi Merci. So happy to have you.”

Celeste changed her tone, came to a stand and put her attention out to the circle. Her long, clay-colored skirt draped over her long slender legs. Her matching top wrapped in a criss-cross around each of her small, taut breasts. The fabric gathered around her back right at her ribs and tied into a bow that hung down her lower back in two lazy strands. I studied her. She was long and gorgeous with golden hair that draped around her face and down her back and shoulders.

I could hear exclamations of approval. Women starving for reconnection back to their bodies, back to their hearts, back to their souls for the first time since… maybe forever. I could feel it in the room. I was one of them. 

“I am so happy you are all here. I’m Celeste, as you all know, and this workshop is all about personal discovery and tapping back into your sensual feminine power and the eroticism that is already there.”

She reached over and connected her music to the sound system, then selected a song. As the warm ukulele notes began to slow dance around the room, Celeste reached up and adjusted the lighting. The soft tone lowered to a deeper, lower glow around us, casting an alluring spell over the 30 women in the private yoga studio. A few sighs filled the room.

“Oooh, I’m sensing some excitement.” Celeste grinned and nodded along with some of the women in our circle. 

Something on her face felt mysterious, naughty, and maybe even a little dark. I liked it. I wanted it. I was ready to go there… whatever this ‘workshop’ had in store, I fucking wanted it, and I knew I wasn’t the only one. 

“Begin to close your eyes. Just feel yourself on your mat. Take a moment to tune into your body, get present with your senses.”

I closed my eyes. I felt the fucks drain out of my body. Something inside of me released even more… melted.

“I encourage you to go at your own pace and just remember that you can go as slowly as your body needs. Sink into your body and experience anything that comes up for you here.”

I felt my shoulders drop down, my jaw loosen, the muscles in my neck begin to let go as I closed my eyes.

I allowed my body to do as she had instructed.

“Beautiful. And as the music begins to fill the room, just allow your body to move any way she wants to. Anything that feels good, start to allow it.” Celeste bent down and grabbed the zafu beside her and held it up for all of us to see.

Hugging the round, firm pillow to her chest she announced, “This is your zafu. This pillow is very special because it has already given you consent to use it for your pleasure. I mean it… lean on it, cuddle it, roll around with it. Hell, use it to hump or fuck or grind on, if you wish. This is your moment to be the wild woman you know you are deep down inside. Plus, you get to take it home with you when you leave, so you’re safe to get as nasty or kinky as you want.”

I felt a desire to straddle mine, but a little voice in me had me resist. So, I snuck a peek of the other women in the room, I noticed they were all feeling what I was feeling.

One woman’s arms moved like draping silk over her shoulders and breasts, another woman’s head made slow, delicious circles as her eyes closed. Another woman was cradled over her zafu, using it a bit like a body pillow. There were so many varieties of movement, I began to feel more permission to move with more courage, with more sensuality, with more influence from the explicit fire that warmed my inner thighs. I couldn’t help but admit to myself that I was beginning to feel turned on, flushed.

The woman beside me took her pillow between her legs and began to straddle it as she knelt on both knees just like I wanted to. This was why I was here… to allow myself, to surrender to desire, to feel again.

“Allow your pleasure to be your path. If something feels good, you have permission to let it take you. Nothing is off-limits here.”

Did she just say that nothing was off-limits? Like… nothing?

“If you feel the pull to strip a little garment of your clothing off, just go with it.” 

There it was again… nothing was off limits. What an unfamiliar feeling. All my life I’d felt like I needed to be the good girl, the proper girl, the ‘appropriate’ girl. I had spent my whole life playing the good woman, pretending I wasn’t naughty, pretending that I didn’t have desire or kinks or urges. But I did. I absolutely DID! And I was EXHAUSTED!

I grabbed my zafu and put it between my legs and straddled it just the way I wanted to. I adjusted it so the seam sat right at my clit. It felt… good. I followed it. I began to rock back and forth very slowly.

A new, third song came on. The tempo picked up just a little, enough for me to catch the bassy beat. I hiked my skirt up over my knees and sank down even deeper into my pillow. My barely there veil micro g-string rode up on my hips as I settled the heat of my crotch down in the perfect, pleasurable center of me.

Just a hint of my rosy, brown clit shown through like a little hidden surprise. The tiny, black, mesh g-string stretched across my lower belly as I gathered my long skirt into the palm of my hand. With one simple black line running down the crack of my ass cheeks, if I could imagine the view from behind, that might just be enough to tip me over the edge of orgasm. 

The moment was intoxicating! The thud of drums, a breathy voice began to play and my body began to move without my approval. Something took a hold of me and it felt so good. I began to grind on my pillow. Something about it reminded me of being 10 years old, humping my teddy bear on my bed, scared my mom would walk in and start screaming at me. The kinkiness of the nostalgia turned me on in a way I’d never felt before.

I peered down. Each of my deep bronze lips folded as I pushed my pussy into the pillow. Making love to the pillow. I opened one eye to look around. Some of the other women had the same idea. A few others were beginning to rock on their pillows to the beat, too. Others were standing and throwing their hair around, and a few were on their backs with their legs playing in the air.

“Beautiful!” Celeste threw her arms in the air like a happy mom watching her children be brave. I felt the shame evaporate from my body. “If you’re finding yourself rocking on a pillow, your body responding with pleasure, keeeeep gooooooing!”

I felt a wave of emotion well up behind my eyes. My throat aching to let out a guttural sigh of relief. That little girl inside of me who felt so restricted, so naughty, so bad was being… celebrated? I had to remind myself to stay in the moment or I’d lose the insane ride my body was going on right now.

Even more energy flooded the room. The pent-up sex of 30 women began to explode all over the room. My breath began to synchronize as my torso swirled in a cosmic spiral. A coil of fiery energy played its way up down my spine like a pianist; and as a raunchy hip-hop song came on and a male voice began to speak explicit, degrading, misogynistic lyrics, the bodies in the room responded with pure, unbridled rebellion. The ironic mix of kundalini energy and rap was waking something up inside of me.

Decades of pent-up bad girls were finally telling the world to fuck off with their writhing bodies, stripping off their clothes, exaggerating their curves, touching their bodies. Bare breasts began to peek through the veil of dim, red lighting. A musical of bucking hips bobbed to the melodies of provocation and sent chills down my thighs.

I was turned on watching them and suddenly, something awakened inside. Whatever this was, there was no putting it back in its box.

They were beginning to lose themselves and, to be honest, I was beginning to lose myself too… in the most delicious way possible. My pussy had wanted nothing more than to orgasm to a song like this in the background. And I figured now might just be the perfect time.

I began to breathe slowly and deeply and do exactly what Celeste had suggested… let pleasure guide me. As the breaths rolled out of my chest, a slow unfurling of desire took over. A low, growl came out of me as my hips began to buck forwards and backwards, in miniature circles in a cascade of humps and pumps. I let myself fuck the pillow the way I always wanted to do to Teddy, but now I was an adult and I could do whatever the fuck I wanted.

My naughty thoughts edged me closer and closer to the brink. My mouth salivated with delight. My back arched with eros. My hair flung itself over my face as I found the perfect orgasmic rhythm. I reached up and caressed my breasts which were freely bouncing to the musical grind of my pelvis. One woman in the back corner began to moan, then more moans came from every angle. It’s like one woman’s pleasure gave permission to the rest of us.

“Yes! It’s coming! Your pleasure is coming!”

I wanted her to keep talking. To keep cheering. To keep encouraging my dirty little teddy bear fantasy. I prayed she would continue. And she did.

“So fucking hot, women.” Celeste projected in a deeper, richer teaching tone. “What parts of your body want to be touched? Do you have a desire to touch another woman’s body? If so, how do you communicate that desire with her?”

Celeste was going places I didn’t even know I wanted to go. A hidden fantasy began to come to life with her suggestion of other women.

Maybe this was more than just feeling pleasure in a group… maybe it was giving pleasure in a group of women, with other women too.

I let myself have the fantasy. To hold it in my body and allow it to grow and as I peered up, another woman was crawling her way over to me.

“GOOD!!! Feel the sense of play in the room expand even more. Allow your fantasies to roam and engage with each other.” Celeste began to guide us even more deeply into the vortex.

“If another woman approaches you, feel free to let your bodies speak to each other. What do they want to say, feel, express? Let a conversation open between you.”

A room full of naughty freaks, except we weren’t naughty freaks. We were just women following pleasure. It was so simple. It was so easy. It was so liberating and healing and… with that thought I invited this gorgeous siren in front of me into a conversation with our bodies as I continued to grind on my pillow.

Her deep sienna skin glowing under the flickering candles, she lowered her belly to the ground in front of me as if she was giving me a show: taunting me, teasing me, daring me… Her arms, elbows bent in a pre-pounce pose, supported her lower body as her round, kissable ass rose into the most erotic arch.

I felt myself get wet as I watched her. As she arched up, our eyes met. She crawled closer to me. I could see out of the corner of my eye that other women were playing, too. I felt my chest open into it and invite her in. She swept her dark braids away from her face and knelt before me, mirroring my body.

My body was like a magnet to her, my lips a magnet to hers. I leaned in to kiss her soft, pillowy mouth as I continued to gently grind. Her tongue tasted like tea and honey. Her skin smelled of jasmine. I took her bottom lip between mine and slowly sucked her in.

A chill of pleasure dripped down my shoulders and arms as she leaned into me. I felt myself climbing up toward orgasm. I knew she could feel how close I was.

Perhaps she had been eyeing me throughout and wanted to be a part of my inevitable release. Even the thought of it sent a warm rush through my belly. She came closer, took my face between her cool palms and kissed me deep, our hot tongues locked in a vortex of their own.

I couldn’t stop myself. I was about to orgasm and I had reached the point of no return. As her large, bare breasts grazed my sweaty, erect nipples, I tipped over into the sweetest, most generous, playful and expansive orgasm I’ve ever had.

In a room full of other orgasmic women, I let myself have it. I felt my pussy spasm, my clit pulse, my breath slow down and a smile began to form over my face for the first time in what seemed like a year. Our eyes met once more, her mouth arching into a grin as she felt me come.

I slowed my hips down and let my body feel the music. A giggle rolled out of both of us. I had never met this woman but just shared my orgasm with her. No words between us, just our female bodies celebrating each other’s sex. She gave me a warm hug then slowly pulled away and began to move in the opposite direction.

Celeste walked toward me grinning. She knelt in front of me, opened her arms and embraced me. I melted into her chest; the oxytocin flowing between us. She had seen me. She had witnessed me letting go. And as we both let go, a tear lingered in each of our eyes, laughter took us both over. The other women completely unfazed, our laughter added to the orchestra of orgasm in the room.


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