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I was supposed to be taking myself on a date, but instead I accepted an invitation from a guy at work who had asked me out several weeks ago. We’d finally made something work and as much as I wanted to be in my villain era I was also a little curious to explore whatever it was going on between us. There was something. Chemistry, curiosity, heat…

We stood side-by-side at the bar as he ordered me a gin & tonic and himself a scotch. Our drinks came in etched glasses with fancy garnishes that I suckled on between sentences. I was supposed to be on a night out with myself: a dinner reservation, a movie, but here I was staring at Miles while we sipped our drinks and made small talk. I hated small talk. But part of healing from this breakup was that I needed to find new ways to connect with people and try not to isolate, which, admittedly, was my drug of choice.

Downtown wasn’t the hottest place for nightlife, but LA was weird like that… you couldn’t ever tell when or where you were going to have the time of your life.

We spotted each other from across the dimly lit, amber-colored room. A tiny stir straw dangled from her bottom lip. In between moving bodies in the backdrop, as my date talked about something or someone, I just zoned out. She had zeroed in on me. And under the soft red lights, my eyes and my attention shifted from him to her.

“Valentina?” Miles’ face looked tense.

“I am so sorry, Miles. I thought I spotted someone I knew from college. Go on.” I didn’t want him to go on. I needed him to go on for the sake of having a legitimate date for the first time in months, but she… she had my attention. I forced myself to re-engage, to maintain eye contact while I could feel her gaze on me in the most piercing way.

Stay focused, Valentina!!!!

I nodded. I clued back into Miles’ story about an Incubus show back in college. He was funny, I had to admit, but the chemistry was just… I don’t know… lagging a little. I did my best to stay present. He made a joke, I giggled. I felt her gaze on me once again as she chatted with her friends. A magnet. What was happening? Fuck! Part of me wanted her to leave so I could tune back into this man.

Part of me wanted to get close to her, to watch her lips up close as they danced in slow motion with her straw, her words, her smile. She turned her head and started talking to the two men standing next to her.

Was this her way of flirting?

I could dig it, but I had a feeling that that soul-locking stare wasn’t nothing. I wanted to see her up close. I wanted to smell her. I felt her mouth drawing me in like an anime villain. I was supposed to be in my villain era, not her, yet I found myself lured into her magnet, an enigma of sorts, with no name, but a pair of big brown eyes staring back at me through a macabre sculpture that stood smack dab in the middle of the space.

I had always been attracted to mysterious, tortured, masculine types. Miles fit this bill. I just don’t think I’d ever given myself permission to admit that I was undeniably wet for that, even if it came in the form of a woman. I felt a sense of relief as I allowed her to just take me all in and do the very same thing to her through the grazing, mingling bodies between us. I didn’t shy away from her. I just let myself have it for once in my life, right in front of my date.

Miles looked behind him, now intrigued at what I was so invested in. I thought I was hiding it well, but I almost loved the idea of him finding out about my crush that prowled behind him. It was like a little secret game of kinky hide and seek, but more voyeur and provocateur.

He whipped his head back around. I sighed and shrugged my shoulders.

“Who can blame you? She’s hot!”

Something about his comment felt both validating and roused a jealous bitch inside of me.

She’s mine! I wanted to say. But instead, I was speechless. Laughing it off like the cool girl that I absolutely was not, I prayed he’d take the bait.

“I swear I know her from somewhere, that’s all.” He wasn’t buying it but indulged me anyway. Miles set his drink down, then mine, and gently pulled me out onto the floor.

A DJ set the mood with a luscious mix of vibey, EDM and rolling beats that spilled down over my skin and turned to a cool blue wave of energy that washed over my shoulders and nudged a flutter of butterflies to waft through my pelvis. I was so uncomfortable. I’d never danced with anyone like this before, but I didn’t care. I was awkward and stumbly and second-guessing myself, but I was there to search for a part of me that I wasn’t yet acquainted with… so I danced with him. I let myself enjoy it for once and I allowed him to lead me.

My black leather pants clung to my thighs as I moved. My gold heels glistened under the lights as I swayed; the gold laces tied over my pants in a criss-crossed pattern tugged at the muscles in my legs as my calves flexed when he spun me.

I wore my favorite Inquisitor demi lace bra. It held my taut breasts with the most tender, french, black, lace. Two thin straps grazed the interior of each breast like a half-harness. The straps, also covered in dainty black lace. Like supple little jewels. My nipples peered through the lace like a little game of peek-a-boo. One simple, silver hoop dangled daintily at the pinnacle of my solar plexus just waiting for something to be attached to it. I wore only a leather jacket on top. It was a risk. But this was art. And this was Los Angeles, not Idaho.

Miles took my waist under his hot palms and pulled my body into his. This man could dance. I let him guide me. My chest dropped towards his as I threw my head back slowly. My lower back in his grip. And as my head dropped back and I opened my eyes, I spotted her once again; this time dancing with her friends. We locked eyes for a moment before Miles guided me back up to a standing position… our faces just centimeters from each other’s. I wanted more. He wanted to play.

But did I want to play with him or her? Maybe both. 

Miles turned my body around by my waist, so we were both peering out at the others.

“You should go dance with her,” he whispered in my ear. I turned my face to gauge how serious he was. He nodded.

“I’m serious. You’re into her. It’s kinda hot actually.”

“I… I can’t even dance.”

“Sure you can. Just surrender a little and you’ll feel it.” He gently nudged me toward her; she was already dancing with me from across the room.

I stepped forward. She stepped toward me. I was still searching for that place inside that gave zero fucks, that opened and didn’t clench up tight the moment I felt someone else’s eyes on me, that felt like I was flying, not drowning. She leaned into me and introduced herself with a bit of a purr under her words.

“I’m Natalie.” I looked back at Miles. He looked on with an approving nod.

“I’m Valentina.”

“I can’t stop looking at you. You’re gorgeous,” Natalie admitted.

“I can’t stop looking at you either.”

She pulled me into her. The heat between us almost made my knees buckle. My hand reached out around her and I ran it over the curve of her ass. The rest of the room didn’t seem to mind. The music had hypnotized them too. The lights lowered. The whole room seemed to be moving with us. I grinned at Natalie and looked back at Miles.

“I’m going to invite him over.” Natalie waved him over.

He obliged and before I knew it, Miles’ body was cradling me from the back and Natalie’s body was hugging me from the front. His tall frame hovered over me and felt way more familiar than someone I was just having a first date with. But me and Natalie, our bodies fit like two puzzle pieces… the pace at which we moved, our curves totally in sync. My body was such a yes to both of them. Natalie’s hands began to voyage over my body, meeting Miles’ hands at the back. Their hands began to mingle, interlock, graze over each others’, my body the conduit for the electricity.

I could picture us from a bird’s eye view. Three bodies vibrating in unison. I turned my head around to meet Miles’ face which was curled around my neck. Natalie’s face leaning into my neck from the front. I was intoxicated by this unexpected indulgence. A level of attention from both a man and a woman at the same time felt like I was eating a meal for the first time in my life.

The music changed tempo, and with it Natalie invited us to go with her. Miles and I both followed. I nervously ran my fingers through my dark hair before flipping it to one side.We made our way up an industrial, spiral staircase to the second floor. On this floor the lights were a low glow of magenta. A set of tall doors spread open revealing the cool, California-summer night air. I felt myself being pulled into the vortex and onto a simple balcony that overlooked a few smaller buildings; the LA nightline in the foreground.

“Come,” she motioned with her head as she offered her hand from behind her back. I hooked my fingers into hers, and with a fire in my belly, I followed her lead. I grabbed Miles’ clammy hand behind me, and she led us around the other side of the balcony and up another spiral staircase to a third outdoor level covered with greenery, with a few vacant picnic tables, a smattering of luxury seating and a few strings of outdoor lights hanging above us. No one else seemed to have found this secret hiding place except us, at least, not yet.

We continued to follow Natalie to one of the tables illuminated under the soft bulbs that hung lowly above us. The vibration from the music below echoed off the buildings around us. She stopped, turned around, looked in my eyes and then into Miles’, and grinned. 

I felt like a teenager sneaking around to make out but this felt like another level of excitement; me following her and he following me. We were about to get into some trouble… the good kind.

I could see Natalie differently in this new light. Her smile melted through me before taking my cup and setting it on the table. Her eyes were electric, bold, sultry. Miles held my hips from behind and observed, and I felt his cock stiffen against my crack. A ripple of pleasure trailed through my labia evoking chills down my neck and shoulders. Natalie leaned into me, holding my gaze. Parting her mouth slightly, she reached her arms around me and pulled my hips into her as she grabbed my ass.

I hadn’t been with anyone since Rishi and that had been almost three months ago. I was horny. I wanted to taste her. I opened my mouth as she leaned even closer. Our tongues met in a soft, moist, slow-motion clash. She tasted like summer rain, rose water and essential oils. Her lips full and ripe, I took her bottom lip between mine for another taste of her essence. My heart raced. I’d never made out with a woman. Well, once in a drunken haze at a college party, as a dare, years ago, but not like this. I was sober-ish, conscious, and very, very here.

She reached inside my jacket, cupped her hands around my breasts and ran her wet tongue over the lace covering my erect, puckered, dark beige-flushed nipples. 

Separating the black strap from the lace cup, she revealed my bare breasts in all their glory.

As she turned me around and laid me back on the table-top behind me and parted my thighs. She leaned her warm, curvy body onto mine and my legs wrapped around the backs of her legs. My right hand was still holding Miles’. I peered up at him. He was practically drooling, the voyeur in him emerging.

 I didn’t want to have sex with anyone yet, but a public makeout with a hot lesbian was definitely on the menu. Especially while we were being watched. Something about Miles felt safe and allowed my desire to open into Natalie even more.  I indulged her with vigor. I let her lead me, feeling the soft glow of the moon on our throbbing tongues.

Natalie paused and turned her attention to Miles, “Are you enjoying this?”

“Absolutely. You have no idea.”

“You’re a bit of a voyeur, yes?”

“More than I thought, evidently.” Miles took a seat in the chair facing us and rested his forearms on his knees.


erotica lunatic femme demi bra

She turned back to me and ran the palm of her hand down the center of my torso, from my collarbone to the warm center of my legs. She opened my jacket, my breasts now meeting the night sky. She licked her lips, latching her mouth around my left nipple and then my right with the most tender touch. I’ve never been touched like this by a man. With tenderness, attention, time, awareness.

I did want her to fuck me, but not tonight. I wanted to taste what her clit felt like in my mouth, but not tonight. Of course I did. She was delicious and curvy like me, with a round, full, ass… smaller on top, but soft. I had always known I liked women, but maybe this was the first time I was letting myself admit to desire, to feel it, to connect with it. Maybe this was the part of me I wasn’t yet acquainted with that I wanted to find so desperately; the part my therapist wanted me to get to know, to feel more confident being.

My fantasy ran wild as I watched Natalie play, leaving a glistening, wet sheen on each of my breasts under the moonlight. Her left hand cupped my soft breasts as if they were her own. The smell of her perfume was like warm laundry as I inhaled her.

She moved her mouth back up to mine and as I reached up to her she let out a laugh that reverberated through me, from her belly to mine. And in one single breath, the moment came to a close. We had peaked. Not for good but for tonight. I stared deep into her eyes, almost breathless. No one had to come tonight. That’s not what I needed and I don’t think that’s what she wanted either. Not here and not like this. We looked at Miles who was grinning like a little boy on Christmas morning. Natalie ran her fingers through her deep brunette hair, a soft layer of sweat beading on her temple.

“That was hot,” she said.

“That was definitely hot, but we have to go.”

She gently moved from between my thighs and assisted me as I pulled myself together, licking her lips as she placed each of my breasts back into my lace bra and slowly zipped my jacket up half-way. Miles approached and she kissed me once more.

“Have a wonderful night, you two,” she said before lowering herself back down the spiral staircase, waving goodbye as she disappeared like the enigma she was.

I felt cracked wide open with desire. I felt so connected to a part of me that deeply wanted to be seen for once in my life. She gave me that: rightness and permission! But Natalie was gone and only Miles and I stood under the night sky. He turned to me.

“Your cheeks are flushed,” Miles said. “You are so gorgeous. I think I forgot to tell you that at the bar.”

He took my chin into his hands and kissed me, slowly, passionately, with attention and gusto. I kissed him back, I wanted more of him after having Natalie as foreplay.

“I want to take you home and fuck you right.”

“Then do it,” I dared him.

The next week in my therapist’s office, as I kicked off my shoes and crossed my legs on her deep-seated sofa, with a knowing, ornery smile on my face, I waited for her to ask me how my week was and when she did, I had the tea to spill.

“Boy, do I have a story for you…


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