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This week is going to be insane, I thought to myself as I sat in the Chicago airport waiting on my flight to Miami. This was the last leg of a very intense couple of weeks at work and my company was flying me out to Miami one last time to close on an advertising deal I’d been working on all year. I just needed to wine and dine the clients and get them to sign on the dotted line so I could close this year out on a high note.

I loved my work, but it could be a little intense at the end of the year. I had to keep reminding myself that Miami wasn’t the worst place to be sent and I was just about to make partner at the firm… a position I’d poured my heart and soul into, but I was ready to have more autonomy and freedom in my schedule. I was ready to have my life back, to have weekends to myself from time to time and to be able to travel for pleasure more than work.

I needed more excitement in my life. I needed to play, to let loose, to eat and drink and sleep in a little and if I really admitted to myself, I was a little thirsty for a man. It’d been months since I’d had some decent sex. I guess, when I really put my attention on it, I was hornier than I’d realized.

The moment I landed, I rushed to my car to take me to the hotel. Dinner was in 2 hours and I was determined to land this deal. When I arrived at my hotel and found my room, the first thing I wanted to do was get clean, to reset from a day of travel and airplane air.

I dropped my bags and settled into my room for the night. It was spacious; a suite that opened up into a plush, king-size bed, dressed in crisp, white linens and a fluffy comforter folded with perfection at the foot of the bed. The white, oversized, egg-shaped tub sat across from the bed and right up next to a floor-to-ceiling window that looked out onto the humid, August, Miami skyline.

I drew a hot bath, pulled my hair up into a high, messy knot and slowly lowered myself in. As I sunk down a little further, a circle of bubbles danced around my left kneecap. I leaned my head back onto the ledge of the tub on top of a small rolled towel. I needed just a moment of silence, to breathe, to come back down into my body before I needed to be on for this client.

After a few minutes, I pulled the drain and watched the water begin to circulate into a tiny, flickering funnel before disappearing through the dark hole. I wanted to look hot tonight, not because my clients were men and I knew the power of a Little Black Dress and a pair of heels, but because I wanted to feel good for my own reasons, for my own secrets.

I dried off and stepped into a pair of little, blush-toned, lace panties and pulled out my Butterfly Waist Cincher from my bag. The most delicate, black, lace-up corset that I could wear under everything. I ran the silk laces through my fingers and pulled them into their criss-cross pattern and pulled firmly, molding me into an hourglass shape. I tied the laces into a little bow that dangled down the arch of my lower back and pulled on my little black dress. I touched up my makeup and ran a brush through my strawberry-blonde hair and gave it a toss. I stepped into my favorite pair of black, leather Louboutins, gathered my things and headed out the door.

When I arrived at the bustling restaurant, I spotted our table from across the floor. The smell of smoky meat filled the air as I made my way through the space. As I approached, I recognized my client, an older Israeli man who I’d worked with on a prior project. We had a good rapport. He was charming and we had a type of playful-but-professional banter that made me remember why I loved my job in advertising. I quickly realized my client wasn’t alone. A surprise. And just the kind of surprise I liked. A tall, blue-eyed, dark haired, striking man in his 30s stood as I reached the table. He wore a crisp white shirt with gold, monogrammed cuff-links and a bold watch that hung heavy around his wrist.

I extended my hand to my client.

“Ezra! It’s so lovely to see you again.”

My gaze was quickly pulled into the glaring intensity of that tall man who stood beside Ezra.

“Frankie! So good to see you again. Thanks for being so accommodating coming all the way to this wet Miami heat.” 

I nodded as he then gestured to the man next to him. 

“This is my son, Alexei.”

 I extended my hand as he took it into his. His large, warm palm cradled mine as he shook it in slow motion. Something… an exchange, in an instant… swelled in me.  A charged bolt echoed between my hips and swirled around in tiny whirlpools around my solar plexus. I took a deep breath and recentered myself back into the dining room with the hardwood floor beneath me.

“Alexei has joined me on our current deal. I should have emailed you but it was a bit of a last-minute decision.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Alexei.”

“Frankie, the pleasure is all mine. Is it ok if I call you Frankie?”

I nodded, “Of course. Very few people call me Frances, actually.”

“And why’s that?”

“My parents used it when I was in trouble as a kid. It usually means I’m in big trouble.”

Both men grinned at the icebreaker. We all took a seat in the rounded booth.

“Alexei is the one who keeps me relevant these days. He’s got the younger eye that I need. A fresh perspective, if you will,” Ezra explained.

Just as I settled in, our waitress set down a round of crisp, chilled martinis.

“I took the liberty to order us drinks. I trust I know your order by now.” Ezra gestured to my drink with one hand while he swirled the olive around in his own drink.

As we settled into our spaces, mine and Alexei’s feet met under the table momentarily. An accident, of course.

“My apologies,” Alexei paused. I vaguely shook my head, as to excuse him as I looked up. 

Again… that shock.

After the waitress took our order, we got straight into business. The primary purpose of me coming here was to have some last looks, finalize some details and get this man’s signature. I don’t know what it was, but the process of closing a deal made my heart race and my cheeks flush. I love making money and doing as well as I do, but there is an art to closing a deal that I found particular delight in.

As I sat across from Ezra and Alexei, I adjusted my posture. My waist-cincher hugged my ribs. Had I forgotten I was wearing her, she reminded me as I sat up erectly, owning my long torso and bold stature.

“Ezra, do you feel my work on this project meets your expectations?”

“I’d actually like to answer if you don’t mind,” Alexei interjected as Ezra paused mid-word. He scooted closer to me as he spoke.

“Frankie, I have to be honest. Your reputation precedes you. Truly.”

“Well… I’m flattered, Alexei. That’s so kind of you.” Ezra began to fade into the background as Alexei continued. “I’m just being honest. My father and I have had numerous conversations about this deal and your creative ingenuity amongst other things.”

His mild Hebrew accent lured me in, and suddenly our legs touched under the table as my dress revealed slightly more of my leg than was professional. But we were half a martini in. I could feel the stress of the work week begin to come to an official close and a case of the fuck-its flirted with in the air around me.

Was he flirting with me? More than flirting with me? The foot thing earlier was just an accident, but this? This was very much on purpose.

I lifted the chilled martini glass to my lips and sipped as I lifted my gaze to Alexei’s ambient attention on me. Something very naughty was awakening inside of me. Something turned on at the idea of being inappropriate at a business meeting. Risking the moment Ezra or our waiter caught us or worse… asked us to abandon our meal, my lucrative business deal and leave the premises for indecent exposure in a public setting. 

How gross, how disgusting, what a whore! Somehow the accusations I was imagining turned me on instead of steering me away.

I was so physically close to Ezra as he sat across the table from me. He was this older father figure, but I was almost taunted by Alexei who I couldn’t look away from. Between the two of them, my body was warming to the conflicting desires that were blossoming inside of my belly.

Ezra looked at me and then at Alexei, then cleared his throat.

“Go on,” I gently suggested.

I was most certainly giving Alexei fuck-me-eyes by now. As the waitress sat down our appetizers, Alexei subtly moved closer to me, somehow without Ezra noticing.

“Hhmmhmm, yes. Where was I?” Alexei licked his lips and adjusted slightly in his seat. Was he getting a little squirmy? Was I making him uncomfortable? I pulled back my energy slightly and regained my professional composure.

“We feel more than comfortable with your package for this campaign, Frankie. We trust you.”

Suddenly, I felt Alexei’s warm palm hover over my thigh that was still exposed under the table. Somehow he was able to sneak by with only moving his forearm which was covered by the edge of the table, just high enough that a certain amount of secrets could be had while dining, if we dared.

Alexei was just as randy as I was, it seemed.

Ezra looked over at Alexei, suspicious that there was something happening, a secret of sorts that he wasn’t privy to, but seemed completely clueless that Alexei’s hand was now squeezing my upper thigh, creating a pulse that surged electricity and heat between his skin and mine.

As he spoke, I put my martini down and cut into my steak. His hand began to move up even further, inside my dress.

Ezra chimed in, as the waitress leaned over to take some of our plates and refill our water glasses. I scanned their faces for any awareness that my client’s hot son had his hand now between the crease of my leg and labia. I looked at the waitress as she leaned in toward our side of the table. Her eyes spied Alexei’s hand and for a split second she paused and looked at me. I looked right back at her as I took another sip of my drink. She gave the most subtle, coy grin that only I could tell she knew.

Was I really doing this?

I was being such a slut with a client. My job, my business, this commission was completely on the line if Ezra ever found out. Although, something told me Ezra was the type of man to look the other way just out of loyalty, for both his son and for me.

Alexei slowly inserted his fingers inside of me. I was wet. I could feel my sticky nectar as he glided his fingers in and then back out again as slowly as humanly possible. My stomach dropped with pleasure as I opened my mouth to take in a perfect bite of juicy steak. I pressed my tongue to the roof of my mouth and felt the juices pour out over my tongue and warm my teeth as I bit down.

Ezra was talking but I had completely lost my focus on what he was saying. I nodded. I felt my heart begin to thump between my swollen breasts, but I did my best to keep an impeccable flow while his son continued to finger fuck me under the table.

As Ezra continued, I gazed at his moving lips but the sound had drained from his mouth. My attention had gone so far inside of my body all I could feel was Alexei’s pulse in the tip of his finger on the head of my clit. Bump, bump, bump.

“Bump,” I uttered out of nowhere.

“What?” Ezra inquired.

“I’m sorry,” I smiled as I stealthily removed Alexei’s fingers from inside of me with a slow flick of my hand under the tablecloth. “I just felt like there were some bumps in this campaign a few weeks ago and I’m happy we’re getting them ironed out now.”

Ezra gave an affirmative nod and continued on. I was sure he had no idea that his son was about to bring me to climax as he paid me a heaping amount of money at the very same time. Alexei’s hand greeted my pussy once again. As he parted one side of my labia and inserted two fingers inside of my slick slit, I went breathless once more. A chill fluttered over my neck and shoulders as I fought the urge to convulse with delight.

Above the surface, everything was status quo, but under… a massive wave of orgasm was beginning to build inside of me.

A shiver washed over me and my lower abdominal muscles quaked involuntarily.

“Is everything alright, Frankie?” Ezra inquired.

I readjusted as Alexei’s fingers fell out of me slightly.

“Oh absolutely. This steak is so heavenly. You know when a steak is almost… orgasmic, Ezra? Maybe I need a little water. I think that martini hit me a little too fast or something.”

Alexei discreetly raised his hand toward the passing waitress and gestured for a refill of my water.

Ezra paused to gauge the expression on my face before letting out an affirming laugh, “Oh I absolutely do. Well dinner is my treat tonight then.”

“It’s absolutely our treat, Frankie,” Alexei echoed as he went about eating his steak and, in the most unobvious way, licked the tips of his fingers that he had just had inside of my pussy playing it off like it was food from his plate.

What a dirty dirty boy! I loved it. His fingers felt so good inside of me. Thick, assertive, but gentle at the same time. I was his little exhibitionist. A kink I’d always wanted to play out, but I was finished here. I wanted to feel all of him inside of me, not just his fingers. I wanted it. I wanted him. I needed to close this deal with an official signature and move the fuck on with the night.

Alexei had brought me just to the edge of tipping over. A spill I don’t think I could successfully pull off in the midst of such a hot day and even hotter deal. I couldn’t risk sabotaging this deal. I needed to wait at least until after the contract was signed.

As we finished up dinner, I slid the file across the table with a fountain pen that had my initials engraved on the side. Alexei adjusted so he was just slightly closer to his father, with his shoulders opening up to Ezra.

“Then let’s not fuck around anymore, Ezra. Are you ready?”

“‘Are you ready,’ is the question, Frankie?”


The walls of my vagina contracted. I had just come within seconds of having a full-blown explosion in the middle of this busy steakhouse. I bead of sweat trickled down over my forehead. I pretended to fix my hair as I wiped it away and composed myself.

And with Alexei peering into my eyes, Ezra slid the contract over to Alexei.

“Will you do the honors, son?”

Alexei nodded and took the pen between his fingers that had just been inside of me. A mild sheen of my natural lubrication still glistening under the candlelight. He glided the pen in one large swooping motion and as he did, his fingers grazed the signature line smudging his signature just a tad. I giggled to myself. Alexei had just signed a commission of $200,000 over to me with my own pussy juice.

“Well… gentlemen. It’s a done deal. Let’s make some money together, yes?”

The check came and we all said our farewells, it became clear that Alexei and I were not finished with each other. As we walked out, Alexei touched his father on the arm and whispered something in his ear. They exchanged some words and nodded goodbye as Alexei fell back to walk beside me, as I started making my way to the elevator back up to my room.

“I told my father I had one last work thing to do before I finished the night.”

The elevator doors opened and we stepped inside with another group of guests.

“Oh yeah? And what is that one last thing, Alexei?”

“You, of course…”

I grinned a naughty little grin back to him. And as we made our way to my room and stepped inside, he slipped his fingers under the hymn of my dress and pulled it up revealing my butterfly waist-cincher.

“Are you a dirty little slut?” He came up behind me. He took each of the slender black ties of my lace corset in his fists and pulled tightly hoisting my body right into his very ready lap.

We both knew the answer to that question.

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