erotica podcast: cherry steps into her domme to be served by a stranger

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I clutched his hand as he offered it to me from his back and led me through a dimly lit hallway that snaked to a heavy crimson curtain hanging at the very end. He tucked his fingertips in the slight sliver of light that beamed through from the center and looked back at me.

“You ready?”

“I am so fucking ready.”

We shared a sinister little grin as he peeled back the curtain and guided me into an opulent room bustling with warm, beautiful bodies mingling under amber lights and a throbbing ambience. 

Couples flirted in little dresses, their men in harnesses and a variety of other leather pieces. You could tell who were the newcomers and who were well-practiced little freaks. The sprinkle of colorful lingerie around the room made me happy.

Some with masks, lace bodysuits, crotchless panties, the fishnets, the men who were slaves, the sheen of latex, the smell of the leather of the floggers. 

The room was full of hedonism, bold self-expression and people getting free from the stuffy little boxes the real world puts us into. The room was full of delicious rebellion and I couldn’t get enough.

A larger group of both men and women were playing more bare-bodied and sensually. One woman straddled her man as she threw her head back. Another couple slinked around them, teasing, kissing, giggling. The woman’s hair dripped down, swaying back and forth, tickling his knees that lay between her thighs. His hands reached to the center of her back as she writhed on top of him. I couldn’t tell if he was actually penetrating her but it wouldn’t have mattered. 

They all looked so comfortable in their skin. These were the well-practiced ones. Give them 15 minutes and they’re right at home. It gave permission to us all to be free.

We’d been to sex clubs before but never one like this: exclusive and upscale with copious amounts of fuckable bodies circulating. This was no introductory experience. This one was for the top players, pro Dommes, pro riggers and highly vetted guest list. Tonight was an investment in our lifestyle… in our relationship. We were ready to play full-out.

Sergio and I had spent three years cultivating the amount of trust it would take to truly let go, to truly lean in and truly enjoy a group sex party. My fear used to be that the aftermath of a party like this might tear us apart, but we were so far past that. Our arrival into this room was a personal practice of growth for both of us. We were clear on our boundaries and I felt safe with him.

The space was like an old sprawling hacienda. Old wooden floors echoed as the women’s stilettos strutted through the rooms. Curved archways with heavy, red, velvet curtains served as portals to the next room of pleasure.

We made our way past a long corridor with luxurious beds built into the walls, like little secret enclaves, where lovers frollicked in shadows. Little pedestals held dishes of condoms and individual packets of lube; an invitation to play. In one room, a woman was bent over a flogging horse in the middle of the room. A small crowd gathered to watch as her Dominant swatted her bare ass and legs with a long, black, leather flogger. The exhibitionist inside me got excited seeing her head arch up with each impact, her mouth moaning with a combination of pain and pleasure.

We made our way into another, larger room. On one end was an intricate arrangement of rigging devices hanging from the ceiling. Several shibari practitioners were being tied under the contraption. A woman with wiry black curls and deep sienna skin knelt at the feet of her attentive master with her arms tightly bound behind her back under an intricate spool of crimson rope. The look of sheer pleasure on her face sent a warm wash of electricity through my heart. She loved being his subject. It clearly brought her joy. Her whole body was signaling turn-on as she bowed a little deeper to her Dominant who gazed upon her with approval.

On the other end were a series of throne-like chairs attached to each other with a step that I can only assume were there to serve as a place for worship. I loved that. I stopped. Sergio paused along-side me. I grinned at him and we continued to the very end of the house before sliding into an open bathroom with an underlit marble island.

Sergio began to unbutton his shirt, but before he could get to the second button, I intercepted.

“Allow me…” I whispered, staring longingly up into his eyes.

Sergio was a fair bit taller than me. I loved that about him. I found nothing sexier than him towering over me. It was my pleasure to unbutton him the rest of the way and witness his caramel skin and beautifully sculpted muscles reveal themselves and I stripped off his shirt. I loved how he never jumped on the manscaping trend. He wore only a pair of weathered jeans and a pair of cowboy boots. His body was thick, lumberjack-ish, muscles jacked. 

I ran my fingernails through his chest hair and gazed into his eyes as I offered up my tongue for his taking. He took me into his mouth as he grasped the back of my neck with one hand and my waist with his other.

He took the belt of my black trench coat in his hand and pulled me into his with that deliciously assertive masculine Dominance that turned my body on. We kissed, Sergio enveloping me, inhaling me and then… disrobing me. 

As he pulled open my coat his eyes widened with delight as he realized I’d worn his favorite barely there outfit… if you could even call it an outfit. A series of body-defining straps was really all it was.

All black, all silk, starting at my neck, a simple choker tied in a simple bow with one, simple, thin strap that laid directly from my throat to my belly button, looping around my waist and two simple, thin straps running from my waist to my thighs, banding each thigh with the grip of a knowing lover. No panties, no bra, nothing extra, except a pair of lacey black stripper heels which pronounced my calves and propped up my ass.

“I wore it for you,” I whispered over my wet lips.

Sergio inserted his left middle finger into his mouth and wet it before reaching down between my legs and inserting it inside my very ready vagina. His eyes widened once again.

“You assumed I wasn’t ready?”

“My mistake. I should’ve known you’re always ready, my Cherry girl.” His deep, bassy voice vibrated in my chest. He took his finger out of me and pressed it to my lips. I held out my tongue and took his finger in my mouth, wrapping my lips around his pussy-flavored finger and lightly sucked.

“Yum,” I breathed.

He pulled back to take me all in.

“Double yum.” I loved him in only his jeans and boots. That’s the way I preferred him. He emitted a frequency of humming warmth in those jeans and boots. He looked me in the eyes as he slid my trench coat down over my shoulders and placed it with our belongings in a locker before leading me down a winding set of stairs that led to a darker lower level lit by elaborate, flickering candelabras, dripping with white candle wax. The halls with hardwood floors were flanked by more white, melting candles in glass hurricanes that invited our curiosity with each step.

In one corner was an impressive 10 ft. St. Andrew’s Cross with a man splayed out wearing nothing but a mask, getting flogged by a curvy Domme in all red. In the other corner, an oversized, cream-colored, platform bed with several couples frollicking. I’d never seen so many beautiful women in such beautiful lingerie in my life. And I was certainly one of them in my Flatiron Body Harness.

I felt positively erotic as I took a slow strut to the center of the room where another set of three giant, leather, studded chairs stood boldly on an elevated platform with a foot-ledge, just like in the room above us that called to me. I slid up gracefully into the center chair, placed my hands on its arms, crossed my legs and sat up tall. It felt like my power seat, my throne. I was fully in my rightness, peering over my Queendom, under these warm lights and swoony music.

I spotted Sergio walking toward the cream-colored bed. He looked like a man on a mission. He was a man on a mission. I could see him honing in on a gorgeous, golden-skinned woman and her lover perched on the edge of the bed watching me.

The woman wore a massive stack of stranded pearls strewn around her neck and draping down over her breasts. He spoke to her and then went to sit next to the man she was with. He leaned in and whispered something into his ear that warmed his facial expression. The man turned into Sergio and nodded before they shook hands.

Sergio rose and offered his hand to the woman and they both made their way over to me, still holding court from my throne. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. When she walked, her breasts gently swayed allowing her nipples to show through the strands of pearls, her bottom half completely revealed except for her white, satin heels with a big white bow tied in the front of her slender ankles. Her toned, muscular thighs and delightfully round, feminine belly recoiled just the slightest bit with each step. Her round hips and abundant ass framed her edges creating that iconic hourglass shape.

She was the vision of sex: voluptuous, embodied and playful. The way she moved toward me with each step made my clit throb. Her dark pubic hair sat in a manicured mound just above her slit. Her tanned skin glowing in the flickering candles around us.

I already wanted her, but I wanted her more now that she’s on Sergio’s arm walking toward me. Him recruiting her for my pleasure made me feel completely in my rightness to be served like the regal bitch I was for the night.

They approached me. Sergio leaned into me and kissed me on the cheek.

“My love…” He held his hand out to announce the arrival of the gorgeous woman on his arm. And without prompting her, she knelt at my feet, perched properly on her knees like a little kitten waiting for her milk. Her big brown eyes gazed longingly into mine.

“Your Highness,” she fawned. “May I call you, 

‘Your Highness’?”

I nodded once, giving her permission to proceed. 

She abided. 

“May I, your Highness?” she asked, politely awaiting my approval.

It was purely my delight to witness her submission. A true sub. No training required. She was someone else’s sub here tonight. Perhaps the man who shook Sergio’s hand earlier. I made her wait. I wasn’t eager tonight. I was completely in my Queen energy, reveling in the power of my Dominance. I could take my time and have others serve me tonight. Really even Sergio knew his role tonight. I’m not usually so Dominant. I’ve worked hard to allow myself to receive this much of my desire. Tonight was a special little gift I gave myself and it just felt right. Afterall, they were hungry to serve me. Why would I deprive them of that pleasure?

“What is your name, my little thing?” I was curious to know if her name suited her or if I needed to make one up that did.

“Katia, your Highness.” She kept her gorgeous brown eyes low, like a good little sub.

“Perfect.” And it was perfect. Soft, regal, European… just the way I liked it. “Katia, what is it that you desire, my dear?” 

“To be your pleasure slut, your Highness.” She bowed her head down, tucking it under my top crossed leg and unhooking it from the crossed position. She then nuzzled her head between my knees, parting them gently then gazed up to me for her next command, permission, prompt… I could give her so many, but I was really in a sweet spot of exhibitionism that made me more wet and ready than any other naughty thing I’ve tried before.

“You may continue, Katia,” I prompted as a slight grin came across my face.

Katia untethered my neck from the collar of my body harness and slipped it over her head, collaring herself to me. She leaned into me and traced my neck where the harness used to be with her tongue. Her hot, wet mouth felt so good on me, I couldn’t help but grin as she licked and sucked around my neck and jawline. My heart began to pump harder in my chest.

The tip of her red fingernail began to trace the harness around my waist. Slipping her finger under the black strap just at my hip bone, my body twitched with eros. She brought her face to my lower belly, nibbling at the bands, taking them between her teeth as she started me in the eye. She knew exactly what she was doing. She edged closer to my pussy. I felt a surge of sensation jolt down through my pelvis and down along each of my inner thighs as they spread for her.

I looked over at Sergio who was savoring every move, every second. His hand laid casually over his bulge that he was very tastefully keeping to himself for the moment, allowing me to be completely swallowed up by this archetype of Dominant Exhibitionist for the evening. The power of psychology was what truly turned me on. The idea that I could quite literally have people serving at my feet, lined up to enjoy the taste of my pussy with an audience was simply decadent.

She did as she was told. In my life, no one does as they’re told. I don’t know that I’d ever felt someone doing as they were told, let alone doing it because it brought them pleasure.

Tethered by my neck harness on her and the lower portion of the straps around my waist and legs, she parted my legs a little further, my harness and straps gently tugging on my inner thighs like an extra pair of hands as they spread open, giving her full access to my labia and a full show to the rest of the room. 

I gazed at the room. We owned the floor. Not one pair of eyes was looking anywhere else. There was still a buzz in the room but the buzz between Katia and I was stronger.

Katia used her forefinger and thumb to part my labia slightly before using the flat of her tongue to lap up the length of my clit once. She pulled her tongue into her mouth and closed her lips.

“Mmmm… I see why they call you ‘Cherry’” she moaned as she slinked back up so I could taste the essence of my pussy from her mouth. 

Katia knew how to tease. There was an art to it. Never giving everything upfront, but little appetizers, playing, suggesting, dabbling, flirting… She was an artist. She kissed me fully. Her soft lips pressing into mine, her tongue welcoming me inside of her. She tasted like erotic bliss and pussy. I wanted her. I wanted to know what she tasted like, what she looked like from behind, bare and naked, leaned over my throne, her plump labia peeking through the tips of her thighs. 

The visual was intoxicating. And peeking around the room, I wasn’t the only one who was captivated by her erotica.

I motioned to Sergio to come over and sit next to me. I pulled away from Katia’s face slightly.

“Are you ready for your next commands?”

She nodded enthusiastically.

I turned to Sergio, who sat back in the seat beside me with the most raging hard-on bulging through his jeans I’d ever seen him have. I nodded to him like how about you tell her what to do with me? He needed no words from me, not that I had much access to them anyway. He knew exactly what I was asking and was pleased to oblige.

“Katia, I’d like to see if you can bring her to climax. Do you think you can handle doing that with a crowd watching?”

“Oh, absolutely…with pleasure.” Her mouth made its way to my left breast and then my right.

She licked and teased my nipples until each one was erect and glistening with saliva. I was growing more turned on by the second.

Katia unhooked the harness from her neck and stepped down from the step, taking my hand and guiding both me and Sergio to the cream colored bed where I’d first seen her. Sergio sat where he could have the best view. She laid me down on the bed and proceeded to scissor between my legs.

“Is this ok, Your Highness?”

“Fuck yes it is” I couldn’t hide my enthusiasm.

Katia then spread my labia with one hand and hers with the other and pressed our pussies together so that our clits kissed. This was, by far, the biggest fuck yes I’d ever felt in my body. 

Maybe I was more bisexual than I’d thought.

She gently began to rock back and forth on top of me, her hips grinding and pressing into mine, my body responding in the same way. Waves of energy wafted through my hips and belly, my pussy throbbing for her, feeling her wetness and 

mine glide between us.

I felt myself climbing up towards climax, in a much different way than I did with a man.

Somehow, having sex with a woman gave a sense of relief that a man simply cannot give. There was an ease to it. We knew how we liked it. There was no desperation with the lick of a woman’s tongue or being pussy to pussy. I wasn’t being penetrated, I was being stroked. 

She continued to lightly brush her lubricated lips against mine as she peered down at me tossing her hair around. I was getting close. I could feel the energy bottling up deep within my pelvis, my organs bracing for release. The difference between coming with a man versus a woman was evident in my orgasm. 

As Sergio leaned in to kiss me, the most massive and explosive orgasm shuttered down my spine and through my clitoris, then out through a deep, growling moan against his mouth.

My eyes closed. My eyes rolled back and I breathed… all I could do was breathe as I cupped her breast in one of my hands and her thigh with my other.

I had come, with a crowd of people watching me with a woman scissoring me. I didn’t know if I should be embarrassed at how quick and strong it came through me or just proud to be able to experience that much pleasure with watchful eyes. 

I looked up at Sergio. He was grinning. I looked up at Katia. She was grinning. I was grinning. Katia climbed off of me and curled up next to me on the bed.

“I told you I could do it,” she beamed with pride as we all fell into a cuddle puddle with laughter.

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