digital detoxing + not sure what to do with your hands? play with your lover + lingerie instead

If you're digital detoxing and you've freed up your hands to play, what's next?

Hmmm... we've definitely got some ideas. Try these lingerie-inspired ways to play when your fingers have no screens in sight + nothing but free time. and don't forget to have fun.


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create a sensual ambiance

Step 1: Fill your environment with sensual and sensory stimulation that distract you from the phone, computer, tablet, etc. Candles, incense, clothes you feel luscious in, food you want to savor. Step 2: Be mindful and take notice of what you've created.

work your body 

Stretch, move, dance in lingerie pieces that you love to ignite your body, boost endorphins and feel how yummy the fabrics feel against your skin. 

book a bath date

Whether you're soaking solo or with a lover, use this time to slow way down, reconnect, indulge in deep conversations, spend time exploring each other's bodies and then wrap yourself in silk when you're done.

learn a new stroke

One of the keys keeping it sexy in the bedroom is mixing it up. Even if your go-to stroke works like magic, switching things up keeps passion and pleasure alive. Experiment with with pace, the move, their body position, your body position. Ask what they like and stay open for feedback to find an arsenal of yummy new strokes.

feed them with your fingers

There's something so intimate and arousing in feeding your lover with your hands. Make an entire meal of nothing but things to feed each other and chances are high, no one's reaching for their phone.

hold hands

Holding hands is a sweet way to build intimacy and stay connected. Hold their hand during a walk, over dinner, while watching a movie, as they rail you... whatever works for you.

tie them up

Restraining your lover's hands or wrists is sexy way to keep them committed to their digital detox (consensually of course). Once they're all tied up, add in more kinky play... temperature play, edging, some dirty talk. Or, just savoring their body with your hands and mouth works deliciously well, too.

trade your vibes for hands

Sure, a vibrator is technically not digital, but it is high-powered. Go old-school manual when you masturbate and explore how your fingers make you feel. Are there are there unchartered territories worth discovering? Check it out.

explore anal if you haven't already

bvibe founder, alicia sinclair rosen, says anal is the new oral. If butt play isn't part of your repertoire, start slowly using your fingers to see what you like (it's better than mindlessly scrolling, right?). When you're done with your digital detox, take an online class for more ways to play.

practice erotic massage 

Using your hands on your body or your lover's is a solid way to keep them busy during a break from screen time. Use massage oil and take it slow. Part of the deliciousness of an erotic massage is that it's sensual and slow. You're getting into rhythm and flow with your partner's energy as you're exploring what they like — and getting feedback real time.

dance for yourself or them


Would you rather spend 5 minutes watching a TikTok on repeat or take that same 5 minutes and lusciously peel off your favorite lingerie set or panties? If you're in the peel-off camp, put on your sultriest playlist and practice our lap dance tutorial.

get your hands messy

Paint, throw pottery, write — creativity takes on a whole new level of liberation, vulnerability and self-love when you let go and play. See how creative you get and use that sensual life force to show your body some insane amount of love and gratitude. Bonus points if you do it naked or in your sexiest, energy-igniting lingerie.

raise your masturbation game... 

How can you seduce yourself more? Are there new sex or masturbation positions you want to try? Edging? Blindfolded? How does your body respond to the bliss of pressure, the delight in the squeeze and release of muscles, what other parts of your body ignite? Take your time and take in entirely new ways to play.

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rethink foreplay

layer your sexiest lingerie and see how slowly you and/or your lover can get you out of them. perhaps you make it a dice game, a strip  game, a truth or dare situation, maybe you both agree to set the clock on the hour, every hour, all day and slowly peel off a layer when the alarms strikes. see how long you can stretch your pre-game and play date.

create sexy affirmations 

Incorporating sexy mantras a.m. and p.m. can help you get into a sensual flow state where you're feeling your body and living in the present. When you're in this space, it's far more powerful (and juicy) than mindlessly doomscrolling.

write a juicy note

Sure, most of us probably can't locate an actual pen and paper, but say you can... write yourself or your lover a sexy-ass love or lust note describing in detail how you feel, what you're fantasizing about, how you'd like to be pleased, asking what they'd like... the options are as endless as your imagination. Write more than one and plant them where they can find them post-digital detox.

let your pussy be worshipped

If you're partnered up, try worshipping each others most sacred spaces. Let them worship your pussy through sweet talk, dirty talk, gazing, stroking in new ways (or ways they love) and all-around celebrating how if looks, feels, smells, works... Trade with your partner and worship their cock or pussy. We guaranteed this is more fun than whatever rabbit hole the algorithm's got you going down.

trace their body 

This is sort of erotic massage-adjacent. use your fingers to trace their body head to toe, moving slowly so both of you can experience the touch. Then switch pressure and style and, maybe even use a tool like a feather, to engage their mind in their skin, the moment, your touch.

blindfold yourself 

Since you're being deprived of digital, why not go all the way? Whether your fucking, listening to an audio book, eating a gourmet meal or dancing.... blindfolding yourself puts your focus on senses other than your eyes. How things taste, feel, smell, sound and liberate your naked body in ways it loves to experience. 

take some sexy snaps

Take pics of yourself in lingerie, accessories or play pieces alone or with your lover. Write down what you'd each like to do with each other on the pics, then shuffle and draw one.

Have you found sexy things to do with your hands (and lingerie) while digital detoxing? Comment below.

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