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In the spirit of "we're all in this together," we thought a sexy little empowerment drop might be nice. Not just because it can kickstart a domino effect of deliciously good vibes, but it's also great for your health and racks up those karma points at the same time. Check out these easy tips and tricks for sharing your crown with both the ones you love and those who just might need a little love, mood or kindness boost. Tailor the ideas below to your style and theirs, and if we missed your fav way to ignite someone else, share in the comments below. 


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Send a sexy text.

Remind them how amazing they are with a message or meme or photo capturing their radiant gorgeousness to remind them they’re fire.

Seek to understand.

If you're in a disagreement, work to understand their point of view, rather than be right. The more you try to meet them where they are, the quicker you can resolve issues.

Do random acts of playfulness. 

Surprise them with something playful — things that make them smile, a reminder of a shared joke or story, a meme that makes them laugh, a walk to the dog park. Studies show play can up dopamine, oxytocin and other mood boosters. 

Listen, learn, connect. 

When they have something to say, let them say it — without jumping ahead to what you want to say next. Be present, be open, let them feel seen + heard + felt. 

Discover their love language.

Love languages are just for long-term fuck buddies + romantic partners anymore. Ask your bestie what moves them + use that insight to show your love to them in that way. 

Assume positive intentions.

When it comes to relationships, looking at each other through a lens of positive intent makes it so much easier to navigate, empower + support each other.

Pop the champagne.

(Or the sparkling water). Whether it’s a big win or a small victory, celebrate and give them props for being the queen of their world.

Hold space for their dreams. 

No matter how big the goal or ambitious the aspiration, hold space for them because dreams do come true… when someone believes in you.

Make them a VIP. 

Remind them how special they are by setting aside quality time for doing what you love to do together, whether it's going for a walk, sipping cocktails, lingerie shopping or dancing in the street. Remind them that joy is the most contagious energy on the planet.

Remember special dates.

It takes 2 minutes to store those meaningful dates in your calendar but they’ll feel a lifetime of love when you remember their VIP moments. Bonus points if you send a card.

Gift them a sexy little surprise… 

a decadent mocha, a lipstick they’ve been eyeing, a free gym pass, a pedicure, those sheet masks on their wish list, homemade [insert their fav sweet tooth seducer here]. Spoiling them is not only a fun little pick-me-up, it's also a great way to kickstart the “pass it on” domino effect.


Stop competing.

Unless you're head-to-head at the US Open, consider how aligning and working together can do more for you both (especially with colleagues) than tearing each apart, gossiping or any of the ways you might feel pitted against the other. When you're both ignited, championing the other and empowering each other, you both win. And yes there is enough to go around.


Give legit compliments. 

We all love a superficial shout out — nice hair, great ass, sexy fit — but sometimes it’s extra special to go deeper about what you love about their personality, their soul, their actions.

Make them LOL.

Laughter really is medicine, so dispense freely. Bring on the jokes, funny stories, memes, photos, karaoke nights… 

Share your shoulder.

Be there in good times and bad. Remind them you’re their rock in the tough times when we all need a shoulder to cry on or a couch to sleep on.


Plan a surprise get-together. 

Organize a night out (or in) with their closest friends to celebrate them on a random day. Just because they're so amazing.


Join them in their interests. 

Check out their hobbies and passions, even if they're not your thing. It's a new way to connect and learn more about them, and who knows what you’ll discover about yourself.

Show up.

Are you dependable? Loyal? Kind? Trustworthy? Are you that ride-or-die friend you’d want someone to be to you? Sometimes just being there in small ways is the biggest, most meaningful way to show up.

Create a gratitude list + they're the star. 

Share what you’re grateful for about them. Be specific and share how they impact you from the big ways to the small.

Ask questions that create intimacy. 

Know what’s going on in their life, what’s important to them, what they dream about, what they’re up for and what they’re up to.

Pay attention to the small stuff. 

What made them smile today? What moved them? Focus on what matters to them even if seems like no big deal just might be the thing they need.

Create your “thing”. 

Do you get coffee together on Monday mornings? Do you have a standing kickboxing date on weekends? Do you stroll the city streets on Saturday afternoon or steal time out of the morning to walk on the beach?

How do you ignite, champion and empower other women in your life?

xxx, Lunatic Femme

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