We’re complicated, complex creatures with pasts and presents and futures all tugging at us. (That’s also what makes us so delicious.) And that’s also why, when it comes to getting in the mood, we need more than a dick (or v) pic to get the engines going. The upside is that the longer you drag out seduction, the juicier the journey. 
Check out these ways to get your head in the game… xxx
Discover the eroticism in your voice → can you slow down, can you fondle a word, enunciate like you’re wrapping around every letter, every syllable.

Harness the visual power of suggestion → Show them what you’re going to do with (or without) them in deliciously specific detail. Send a pic of what you’ll be wearing. 
Use your words  Notes on mirror (take pic and send).... Old-school handwritten note in a messenger bag, cross-body or briefcase. Leave them, and you, drips and dribbles of what you’re thinking about, what you’re planning, what you want.  We bet you’ll get it.
Leverage Mother’s Nature’s most suggestive foods → fruit, oysters… think juicy things that look, taste like you want to ravish them. Oh, and they look like pussy. Pepper your conversation with words that describe them, like ripe, juicy, succulent.
Choose your lingerie consciously that day  Describe not just what it is, how it looks, but how it makes you feel. How it moves against your skin. How it feels on your skin. Soft, silky, scratchy, tight, pinchy, squeezy, flowy, cinched, exposed, raw...
Mark your territory Harness the power of scent by leaving traces of you everywhere for them to find… also indulge in your partner’s scent, favorite fragrance. 
Move your hips  There’s something super-Kundalini-y about firing up that pelvic energy and using its power for good. Turn on your favorite lusty tracks and give your hips time to grind throughout the day — maybe every time you fill your water bottle ;). It keeps the energetic, mental and physical juices flowing, which is precisely what you want.
Talk it out → Help your partner find their erotic voice. Encourage them to tell you what they’re going to do to you later. Give them an erotic zone and let them play. Your foot. Your thigh. Your belly. Your neck. Train them to speak to one part of your body at a time…. So they’ll learn to explore your body one little piece at a time...
Create an experience → Think outside the “missionary style in bed with the lights out” routine. Create a fvck bed on your kitchen floor. Toss your sheepskin blanket on the dining table, rethink your laundry room… outline your hallway in candles. Try a little energy play. 
Play in your fridge  Sit on the floor, open the door, tell your partner what you’re taking out. Whipped cream? Basket of berries? Chocolate sauce? Jar of pickles? Champagne? Tell them what you’re hungry for, how you like to taste it, if it drips and dribbles… They'll get the point.
Start the ambiance early. Candles, fragrance, incense, bodysuits, finger foods. Whatever gets you in that carnivorous state, bring it. Seducing yourself first is almost the best part.
How do you up your mental foreplay game? 👇💋