ready for the power of the full moon?

We love ourselves a full moon. And the May 5 full moon in Scorpio — the last in a series on the Scorpio/Taurus axis that started in November 2021 — is completion on steroids, says astrologer, mystic and traveler The Red Mystic, who explains why it’s in your best interest to let this moon have its wicked way with you:

Scorpio full moons are always one of the most potent of the year, but coupled with a lunar eclipse this will supercharge it. Eclipses can stir up past events and make things more intense. In the sign of Scorpio, which thrives on intensity and transformation, this full moon could bring about change — wanted or unwanted. On Friday, be aware of feelings you’ve been pushing aside and ignoring. Let them come up and really investigate what you’re feeling. Push through the resistance to discover what’s on the other side. If you’re fearful or resistant to changing a habit or narrative, then this is one to really investigate. Meditate or journal on your fears. What would it mean to release that habit? Envision yourself one year from now free of these patterns that are keeping you stuck in an unhealthy loop. Be really specific about how you feel and look. Who is surrounding you and where are you? I believe having a vision of yourself “healed” is incredibly powerful. May 5 is also both the birthday and the day of Buddha’s death. Like Buddha, you can cultivate the idea of non-attachment. Think about letting go of what’s keeping you from being present and authentic. 

ICYMI, here at Lunatic Femme, we’re all for getting unstuck, so we're including some additional suggestions below for tying up loose ends and releasing what's not working for you… in bed. (Fact: we named our ring choker (below) after our favorite Scorpios and their undeniably potent sting.)

scorpion ring collar-necklace brings out that bitch

Ready to harness that undeniably juicy Scorpio sting (and use it for good)? 

Consider these questions: 

Does my lingerie drawer need a spring clean? 

Be honest. Holes? Loose threads? Color fade? Tears (and we don’t mean in a sexy, ripped kinda way)? Sorry, but it has to go. You (and your) body deserves better.  

Am I getting all I desire in bed? 

Create a mini list of what you'd like to add, change or lose. Sometimes having a goalpost kickstarts momentum and moves you toward what you really want.

How can I communicate what I really want in bed? 

Sex experts say one easy trick is to turn your request into a compliment…. “I love when you…” or “It feels amazing when you…”  

Are my sheets sexy enough for me? 

Do they put me in the mood? Are they soft enough? Strong enough? Silky enough? Do I like the smell of my laundry detergent? Make sure you (plus whoever) are always excited to slip beneath the sheets.  

Is my bed big enough for me? 

Let’s face it, we all play small in all sorts of ways. Your bedroom, your sanctuary, should be a hard no.  

Am I on autopilot? 

Whether you’ve got a lover or your lover is you, are you going through the motions in bed. Spice up your masturbation game. Reconnect with (or recycle) your lover.

self love

What am I wearing in bed?

If flannel PJs are your jam, great. If you’re more like Marilyn Monroe, and it’s just you and your favorite scent, great. Make sure what you sleep in, or out of, feels exactly right for your skin (and theirs). 

Do I pay enough attention to my g-spot, c-spot, p-spot…?

Even if your clit game is magic, there’s so much more to be had sexually, spiritually, emotionally (yes even financially) when you tap into the sexual power between your legs. Go there. Daily. 

Am I spending enough time in bed?

We’re all for crushing our goals, but we’re also all for care-taking that one-of-a-kind body of yours. One of the most unhealthy loose ends you can tie up is depriving your temple of the rest she needs to reboot… and the luxury of exploring her pleasure (and theirs) unrushed. 

Is my inner critic a dick?

Do a check-in on how you speak about yourself, your skills, your confidence. Phrases like “I’m not sexy” or “I’m too busy” or “I don’t know how” can shift you out of the space of sexual and creative possibility. What if you are sexy? What if you can carve out 3 minutes in the shower for some vulva action? What if you can learn [insert that erotic massage technique on everyone’s bucket list]? It's possible when you believe it is. 

Do I check in with myself? 

Productivity gurus point to this end-of-day reflection moment that we like to use for pleasure, self-love and sexual growth. At the end of the day (after your gratitude list), ask yourself “what did I do well?”, “what could I do better?” and “what can I do differently tomorrow?” You get that mojo from acknowledging your success, positive insight into how you can shift and action steps for making tomorrow as juicy and fuck-worthy as possible. 

If you want to harness the power of the full moon and so much more, don't forget to follow astrologer Abby The Red Mystic on IG... (and Lunatic Femme, too, while you're there ;) 

xxx, Lunatic Femme

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