new nighttime rituals for better sex + zero sleep

Nothing kills passion like doing the same thing day in and day out. We decided to amp up our lusty little lives by starting with a hot new set of nighttime rituals for adults only.  Try on one or a few of these tricks to get you back into the habit of mixing things up, which for most of us, kickstarts a whole shit-ton of creativity. (Disclaimer: this is the R-rated version, not the X, so stay tuned...)


sexy evening rituals

Spray your bedding with your favorite erotic fragrance to shift your mind off work and onto pleasure.

Change your lighting… swap out a plain bulb for a red one to create a yummy ambience.

Read by candlelight (as long as you don’t fall asleep).

Experiment with the aphrodisiac effects of different incense scents.

Splurge on a lusty, indulgent, can’t-help-but-run-your-fingers-through-it, faux-fur blanket. Cocoon your naked self inside.

sexy nighttime rituals + bedroom routines

Sleep in your sexiest, silkiest lingerie, even if you’re alone.

Massage your body with oils or lotions to ease your muscles, feel your skin and celebrate your body. Bonus points for taking an insanely indulgent amount of time. Double bonus if you trade massages with the body next to yours.

Read some juicy erotic lit, which gives you far better dreams than the news. If you're sharing a bed, read aloud.

If you’re partnered up, share aloud why you’re grateful for them (it’s sexy and studies show it builds a stronger bond than just journaling your gratitude).

 Sip a nightcap — we like whiskey with a dark chocolate chaser — and savor the fuck out of it. 

sexy bedtime routines for adults

Put your hungriest, lustiest scent everywhere you want to be kissed.

Swap out your sheets for fresh ones because few things feel better against your skin after a long-ass day. 

What bedtime routine gets you feeling lusty? Comment 👇

xxx, Lunatic Femme

make luxury lingerie your sexiest nighttime ritual

pair your bedtime routine with our playbook.