date night is here. let's fuck this thing up.

Eventually, even the sexiest experiences can feel a little ho-hum when the playbook doesn't change. If your date nights are dinner and a movie on repeat... zzzzzz...

try erotically charging them with a few suggestions below. The idea is to tailor these moments to the two of you, depending on your intimacy level, personal boundaries and appetite for play. Consider them as clay for crafting sexier, yummier, bolder adventures that kickstart curiosity and pleasure. Happy playing.


sexy date night ideas

You each have to come home with a piece of date-night lingerie or an irresistible accessory you want the other person to wear. 



Have you mastered that hands-free orgasm yet? Now's the time.



If you've mastered the orgasm, how about becoming a master a denying them one? 


The at-home lap dance just might be most undervalued dance of all time. Layer up your lingerie, cue the soundtrack, peel off the layers over the course of your favorite song or playlist.

date night
sexy date night ideas

Give them a To Do (a To Touch, a To Taste...) list for the evening written in lipliner on your mirror — is romantic, seductive, dirty, playful? Or maybe all of it.

Slowly dress each other before you go out so your fingerprints are already all over one another. 

Book a couples spa treatment in a shared private room. Or, hire massage therapists for in-home sessions. 

Try a boudoir session either with a pro or set up a DIY shoot at home. You'll create a sexy, lusty vibe and lasting memories. 

Dance lessons… tango, salsa, whatever moves your hips, gets your blood flowing and drives your imagination wild. 

Cocktail making or spirits tasting classes to light up your palate — DIY at home, book a bartender or join an event. 

Go deep(er) with card games. We're loving Tonight's Conversation and Esther Perel's Where Should We Begin, designed to spark intimacy, connection, pleasure and play.  

Heat up movie night with some Erika Lust porn. Or film your own, starring you and your partner, role-playing characters you create. If you're feeling generous, share it on MakeLoveNotPorn so we can all benefit ;)

Create an aphrodisiac menu that you prepare together. Dress (or undress) code is up to you.

sexy date night

Finger or body painting. 

Sloppy-wet pottery making. 

Are you an expert face sitter? Got that perfect hand job? Work a pussy like a pro? If not, book an online sex class and sex up those skills.

Strip poker or strip [insert activity here… ]. 

Play a word game (scrabble, mad libs, etc) using only your most specific erotic lingo. Bonus points if you use those words once the game is over. 

Sushi making, SATC style (ie yours or their naked body is the serve wear).

Horseback riding to ignite those inner thighs. No horse? Time for that kinky mask. 

Scavenger hunt (around your house or your city) where you’re in control of where they go, what they do and what they receive when they arrive.

Feed each other (not yourselves) during an entire, deliciously slow dinner. Flatware optional.

Challenge yourself and them to do nothing the same way all night. If you're relying on zero routine, you'll force yourself out of autopilot and into the moment where creativity lives. Revel in it.

sexy dinner

IRL sexting during dinner out with complete eye contact. Challenge: How explicit can you get? 

Guess the word… written in lipstick... on your naked body... while you’re blindfolded. Then swap. No lipstick, no problem. Liquid chocolate or caramel work, too.  

Create your own real-time playbook for the night by starting with a game of This or That or Never Have I Ever.

That seedy, by-the-hour motel with floor-to-ceiling mirrors? I mean, why not? It'll be a good story.

One of you is blindfolded the entire date. The other is in control. Or vice versa.

What are you favorite sexy date night ideas? Comment below 👇 💋

xxx, Lunatic Femme

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