from pre-game to after-party, here's your sexy date night checklist

It's like that saying “how you do one thing is how you do everything.” Same goes for pre-gaming… How you show up is all in how you prep. So we say, keep it glam, keep it sexy, keep it kinky, keep it you. Are you sweating the details? Do you feel (and look) fly AF? Are you busting out your best cocktails or bubbly? Are you using or wearing what makes you feel your best — not saving it for an “occasion.” The occasion is life, life is now. Here's a shopping list and some to-do's to keep you on your game.

your pre-game shopping list

what to wear pre-gaming

1. 14-k Gold Necklace by Ross-Simons

2. Champagne Room 33 Bodysuit by Lunatic Femme

3. Bangles by Ross-Simons

4. Strappy Heels by Stuart Weitzman

5. Vegan Leather Trousers by En Saison

start the party with these pre-game beats

If you're all dressed up with everywhere to go, our Hype Up Pre-Game Beats playlist is waiting…. These light-my-fire, pre-game tracks invite you to play, make your body happy and toss you around with buoyant beats, playful, sexy lyrics, fast tempos that f, ecstatic, hungry Use this playlist to inspire your mood and remember, if these songs aren't doing it for you, use that as info to understand more about what puts you in those yummy states of flow. P.S. Follow Lunatic Femme on Spotify for a complete list of playlists to ignite all your moods.


what's on your pre-game to-do list?

turn up the volume

Hit play and get the blood pumping in your veins with a playlist of beats that are guaranteed to get your body moving and grooving.

start cocktail hour

Kick off your night with a celebratory toast to what’s about to go down. Even if your drink of choice is a non-alcoholic, adaptogenic sip, let it flow.

eat good-mood foods

Have small bites on hand to boost your energy and mood, and keep you from cocktailing on an empty stomach. Remember, you're in it for the long haul, pace yourself.

rattle and hum

Take some rich, deep, long breaths and shake your arms, your hips, your legs to get yourself into an anything’s-about-to-go-down state of mind — bonus points if you add an acoustic accent like bangles or an ankle chain.

pick your sexiest fit

Don’t go for the hottest trends, instead wear what makes you feel your hottest. Leather bottoms, a sultry pair of stilettos, jewelry that ignites everywhere it touches, lingerie….

layer on lingerie

Whether you style your lingerie as fashion or wear it as your secret power piece, slipping on sexiest bras, panties, bodysuits, bustiers or catsuits can feel like instant power and play.

get ready with your besties

Start the party early with a “get ready with me” IRL that gets you in your flow early. 

heels heels heels

Nothing elevates your mood, your outlook and your booty like a pair of strappy heels (or thigh-high boots).

grab the mic

Exercise your vocal cords, your tongue, your lips and your mood by belting out some tunes. Sing like you mean it.

create an olfactory tasting menu

Leave a trail of delicious scents all over your body. Musk behind your ears, amber on your wrists, oud between your breasts, vanilla between your thighs….

stock up on hangover fixes

Make sure you have your supplements of choice on hand so the next morning is spent reminiscing, not slamming cheeseburgers and aspirin.

set a sensual ambiance

Light up an aphrodisiac candle, your sexiest incense, a smooth AF joint. Add a fresh bouquet of stunning flowers for a little feminine eye candy (besides you). Think texture, fragrance, visuals.

charge up those vibes

Stash your ready-to-play discreet vibes into your clutch and charge your full-size vibrators so they’re fired up for when you get home.

invite la luna to the party

Whether it’s a quarter, half or full moon, make sure to let her light shine on the festivities. Because, doesn’t the moon make us all a little crazy in the best possible way?

put the V in your VIP list

Not everyone deserves an invitation to your party. Whether it’s an intimate gathering at home or a party on the town, curate a guest list that reflects who you are and what you deserve.

draw your own velvet rope

If one of your VIPs steps out of line, set clear boundaries that honor the soul of the party (ie, you).

restock your “makeup bag”

Band-aids, condoms, lip oil, mini lube, mini flogger, breath mints, disposable toothbrush to go, vape, gummies, whatever you need to stay on your game.


Remember your 1:1 rule (1 cocktail: 1 water) is the sexiest way to stay on your heels (and your game) all night.

know when it's over

It’s great to be there for the last call, but if you’re done, you’re done. It’s always your call.

ignite your own body

Give yourself an erotic massage with head-to-toe body oil, masturbate, luxuriate in a bath… whatever pleasure your body craves, give it to her.

make it a royal preparation

Whether it’s a mani–pedi, a Brazilian, a spray-on body tan, a blow-out, a kick-boxing session, do that thing that makes you feel like the queen of the night so you’re ready for your night.

stash some cash

Yeah, we know no one's carrying cash anymore, but we still keep an emergency stash of bills in our bag just because a queen always has her own back and is prepared for anything and cash is queen, as they say.

How are you pre-gaming for your lustiest, yummiest nights out?


Comment below with all the juicy details. 

xxx, Lunatic Femme

pre-game, but make it luxury lingerie

add more play to your pre-game

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