just how steamy can your summer nights (+ days get)? let's just see...

Make hot summer nights even hotter and lazy summer days even more delicious with our sexy style playbook filled with the fits, playlist and inspo you need to turn every mood and moment into a play date with you, lovers, soon-to-be lovers or whatever's your thing.

your sexy summer nights shopping list

sexy summer nights

1. Rider Balconetteb Bra by Lunatic Femme

2. Butterfly Waist Cincher worn as choker by Lunatic Femme

3. Body chain by Ettika

4. Boa High-Waisted Panty by Lunatic Femme 

5. Black kitten heels by Toteme

heat up your summer night w/ our sunshine sex playlist

We designed this Sunshine Sex playlist for your most delicious summer nights and days. Let yourself get lost in the rhythms, lyrics and voices with bouncy, ignited beats that make you want to move, dance, play and unleash all sides of you. Explore sweat-inducing, bliss-making rap, instrumental, rock, alternative + more for all your summer flings, loves and lingerie. P.S. Follow Lunatic Femme on Spotify for a complete list of playlists to ignite all your moods.


your sexy summer nights (and days) to-do list

1. turn a club red carpet into your catwalk.

Wear this bra and panty set over your sheerest catsuit and get ready to own the scene.

2. make that boring family BBQ your naughty little secret. 

Denim skirt with a white tee? Sweet. Denim skirt with silk, lace, metal hardware and removable ties? So much more fun!  

3. live.

You’ve got many moods, many sexual personalities and an endless imagination. Put these pieces to work on the daily so every moment is an opportunity for the sunshine-sex POV.

4. be your own heat wave.

June gloom? No problem. Brighten up the dullest day with lingerie that feels as good as it looks.  

5. get hot-tub ready.

Be prepared for a streamy moment, at any given moment with a silk lingerie that out-plays a basic swimsuit. 

6. create your own Marilyn Monroe, viral-making moment.

Marilyn made the white dress and white underwear combo iconic in Some Like It Hot. Imagine what you can do with silk-and-lace, high-waisted panties — ties half on, half off. 

7. make a caftan way more interesting. 

If you’re gonna cover up, make sure the reveal is worth it. 

8. plan for the mother of all first dates.

Stay ready to play with our Rider Balconette Bra's hidden “J” pocket that’s the perfect size for a mini lube or a condom or joint of your choice. 

9. sex up that picnic blanket.

Just add a barely there sundress, a bottle of wine and some chocolates. This isn't your sub sandwich kinda blanket date.  

10. catch up on your erotica.

Whether you read your erotica or listen to it, dress for the occasion with a lingerie set that sets the mood. Especially if you've got a play date.

11. RSVP yes to that yacht party.

Dress code: see above. 

12. slide this bra and panty set into a play sack

Spontaneous overnighters need a lingerie set you can take from day to night, street to sheets. 

13. take this festival-ready fit on the road.

With so many ways to wear our Butterfly Waist Cincher, this 3-piece set has endless ways to play sunrise to sunset (and after party). Just add your fave flares.

14. stroll the city streets

Summer window shopping with al fresco wine stops is the perfect way to spend a Saturday. Slip on a wrap or mini and go.

15. be your own art in the park

We love those magic hour gallery openings, art walks + artist showings. Slip a sheer dress over our sunshine-sex fit + look like a work of art.

16. hit that summer concert.

Add a little rockstar style to your mood with lace and silk styled to your mood.

17. knock out that bucket list.

If al fresco sex, car sex or beach sex are on your sex bucket list, keep it classy with a style that's both DTF and DTFashion.

18. get a little kinky.

The removable ties on our Boa Panty are perfect for securing the arms, legs, wrists and ankles of someone who needs some sexy restraining.

Did we miss your most delicious, sunny ways to spend your sexiest summer nights + days? 

Comment below with all the juicy details. 

xxx, Lunatic Femme

your hot summer nights need hotter lingerie


steamy summer nights need steamier reading