your fingers can't tell it's organic peace silk

We go to extraordinary lengths to get you in that powerful state of flow that’s all you, for you. Like sourcing the most sumptuous organic peace silk on the planet.

What makes it so special? Our non-violent, cruelty-free silk is produced from cocoons after hatching, so there’s no harm done to the silk worms during chrysalis. 

This peaceful, sustainable method is beautiful because silk moths, like bees, are amazing pollinators, so they’re crucial to local botanical life.

organic peace silk cincher on a woman
organice peace silk cinchers on a hanger

The process requires a lot less water, and no harsh cleaning chemicals, since the cocoons are naturally free from impurities. Another upside? Fair pay for silk farmers, spinners and weavers in rural India, which helps reverse migration from the big cities. Plus, with all the spinning and weaving done either by hand or solar machines, 70% of the process is zero carbon. 

Fact: Naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, silk is one of the strongest natural textiles in the world. So when you're investing in organic peace silk, you're showing yourself, and the planet, some love.

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