Just like anything, your mantra can plateau… you’ve said it so many times, it’s just not doing it for you (like 300 straight days of missionary sex in the dark with your eyes closed).
Luckily, it’s easy to dial up the juice by adding a little more intentional spice, meaning and passion through word choices that ignite you. The result? You being to feel excited again when you say them, can envision them working on a cellular level and show up differently for life. Cue the magic.
Below we've take common daily affirmations and put a delicious new spin on them. Try on these mantra makeovers or use them as inspiration for our own mantra-making...
sexy morning rituals
Old mantra: Today is a good day.
Makeover: Today is a fvcking delicious, mind- and body-bending miracle.
Old mantra: I can do whatever I want.
Makeover: Like a firehose, I aim and I shoot. Eye on the prize. Bull’s eye!
Old mantra: My body is a temple.
Makeover: My sexy AF body is an amusement park waiting to be explored.
Old mantra: Just keep moving.
Makeover: Just keep dancing as dreams fall into place with each step.
Old mantra: I conquer my fears.
Makeover: I get down in the arena and I play!
Old mantra: My body is healthy.
Makeover: My body is juicy, yummy and alive with manifestation.
Old mantra: I listen to my body.
Makeover: I worship at the altar of this temple of earthly delights.
Old mantra: My potential is limitless.
Makeover: I am an insanely powerful manifestation machine.
Old mantra: I speak with confidence.
Makeover: I sing my life into higher and higher levels of juicy existence.
Old mantra: I am attracting all the love I deserve.
Makeover: I am a high-powered love magnet, dripping with passion.
Old mantra: I surrender to the flow of life.
Makeover: I jump into the current with both eyes open, my fists clenched with glee and my pu$$y open to the flow.
Old mantra: I commit to my success.
Makeover: Failure is not an option, baby.
Old mantra: I am strong and powerful.
Makeover: I’m a force of nature that swirls with potential.
Old mantra: I am enough.
Makeover: I am too hot to handle.
Old mantra: I am grateful.
Makeover: I shower life with appreciation and it showers me back with yummy pleasure.
Old mantra: I am fearless.
Makeover: There is nothing I can’t have, be or do.
Old mantra: Less is more.
Makeover: More is more, baby.
Old mantra: I am fulfilled.
Makeover: I am filled the fvck up.
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