meet the playlist for your weekend sex marathon

How far, how long can you go? We've created a deliciously drippy, insanely sexy playlist with lots of lust, a little danger, a lotta challenge to keep that ebb and flow going all weekend. No matter how you like to play or what you'd like to explore, we can (almost) guarantee a Saturday and Sunday sex marathon beats the farmer's market-brunch-errands circuit that can easily become routine. You can thank these artists for your new fav between-the-sheets soundtrack: Nadia Ali, Madeaux, Dina Rae, Eminem, Gina and the Eastern Block, Lana Del Rey, Isobel Campbell, FKA twigs, Doja Cat, Teyana Taylor, feverkin21 Hertz and more. Now that you've got your beats, who's your play date? Stay hydrated, lunatics, and cue the beats. Want more playlists that stir you and ignite that sexy, spiritual and creative flow state? Follow Lunatic Femme on Spotify. Pro tip: you don't need a play mate for a weekend sex marathon.  


If you've got a weekend sex marathon planned, 1) congrats, well done and 2) let us know how the playlist goes…. 

xxx, Lunatic Femme

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