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It's a jungle out there, so why not take that animalistic nature to the bedroom for some deliciously savage, wild sex? Um, we're in. It's easy to think that the unbridled freedom and raw passion of sex loses steam over time but by keeping your spirit of adventure and natural instincts for curiosity alive, you can keep that thirst and hunger top of mind and body. We're listed our favorite fashion and sexiest lingerie for igniting your wilder side, a playlist that drips with carnal beats and some tips for drawing out your inner jungle cat. As always, consent is key from beginning to end no matter how well you know your lover (ie don't snare them in a tree net during foreplay unless they specifically ask for one ;) 
PS have fucking fun


your hotter, better-sex shopping list

better sex shopping list

1. Rider Balconette Bra by Lunatic Femme

2. Scorpion Collar Necklace  by Lunatic Femme

3. Zebra Stripe Tights by Wolford

4. Large Play Sack with Shibari Rope by Lunatic Femme

lusty, drippy beats for yummier, hotter, better sex

There's a time and a place for romance, there's a time and a place for Deep, Drippy Carnal Sex and sometimes they're the same time and place. We've curated this deliciously lusty, insanely primal playlist when your inner animal is calling for a wild romp in bed…. These messy, juicy, hungry tracks will inspire you to hunt for and bed (consensually of course) your favorite playmate. Goal: feeding that need in your. Use this playlist to inspire your mood and remember, if these songs aren't doing it for you, use that as info to understand more about what puts you in those yummy states of flow. P.S. Follow Lunatic Femme on Spotify for a complete list of playlists to ignite all your moods.

your to-do list for deeper, drippier, better sex

1. snare your lover

keep some shibari rope handy (see our large play sack) in case your lover needs to be tied down.

2. eat ravenously

have some sensual finger food at the ready so you can experience that dripping, wet, carnal sensation of ripping something with your teeth and/or fingers.

3. use carnal beats

stoke the fire of your inner jungle cat with music that purrs, roars, growls and ignites your sense of play.

4. hypnotize them with your walk

bring the focus to your legs as you stalk your prey (um, lover) by way of exotic legwear and footwear that screams, devour me.

5. use your wildest imagination

try on some role play… who’s the hunter, who’s being hunted.

6. make them work for it

find out what your lover is willing to do for a treat, then reward them for their effort ;)

7. take them to the edge

take life by the throat with a collar necklace or Scorpion choker or your bare hands to bring you (or them) to the edge. easy and gentle or heavy and hard, you both get to choose.

8. fire up your kundalini

stir your pelvic bowl. literally. break out some hip circles to stir your primal desires and tap into your erotic animal body.

9. tame them

is your lover too wild? are you? might be time to restrain their hands or feet.

10. don't forget the appetizer

feed your hunger with nibbles, bites, gentle drags of your teeth against their skin, licking and teasing areas to prep their body for your feast.

11. stay in control

conversely, if you (or your lover) are feeling listless, use restraints to increase your blood flow and trigger that primal desire to break free and claim what it is you want (with your bare hands, rrrrr).

12. get wet

maybe your date begins at the watering hole. Plan to meet up in the bath or shower and get into your animal bodies and pleasure and lust and trust by getting in your primal element, skin on skin, washing off the rules of the outside world and getting down to your pure, essential nature.

13. enjoy the great outdoors

take your fuck al fresco. under the stars, on a beach, in a (glam) tent, on a patio or on the terrace of a 5-star hotel (keep it legal). let the fresh air inspire your most savage fucking.

14. invoke your spirit animal

tiger? lion? mare? stallion? bring the power of your spirit animal into the space and draw on an animal’s magnetic attraction, stalking skills, and pure unadulterated drive for pleasure without the conditioning of the (so-called) civilized world.

15. play like animals

start with play, animal-style. a little sexy wrestling, some tickling, some playful pulling, pinching, teasing. let that high-energy fun roll into the bedroom.

16. let your lingerie do the (s)talking

loud or soft, you choose! our rider convertible balconette bra will give them a hint, while our déjà vu 18 cupless bodysuit will make sure they get the message.

18. withhold what they want

don’t give them what they want. they want to cum? nope. they want you to go faster, maybe in a minute…. let them beg and you just might let them have the pleasure they crave.

19. teach them new tricks

who doesn't like to learn what gives their partners pleasure? show your animal what you like and keep them on their toes, er, paws.

Got any better-sex tips for lustier, yummier, hungrier sex?


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