We like to think that the sexiest at-home massages are a combination of passion, curiosity, communication and, of course, tools. We rounded up some toys, oils and other massage must-haves to up-level your home-massage game so you give and receive yummier massage experiences without leaving the house.
gua sha massage
gua sha
These super-trendy facial tools get props for their ability to increase circulation and boost collagen to help fight aging, but they're also an amazing way to relieve stress and ease tension in the face, neck and shoulders when massaging your lover (or yourself).
sexy bath time
exfoliating loofahs or sponges
Make your at-home session last longer by adding a little bath-time foreplay to get you both relaxed. Bathing each other preps skin for the oils, ignites the skin and creates connection.
best massage bar
massage bars
We love this moisturizing massage bar, aka Sex Stone, from Kate McLeod that literally melts nourishing oils into your lover's skin as it kneads, massages and arouses.
feather sex toy
feather play
A deliciously erotic massage mixes levels of pressure and sensual touch. Toss in some strokes with a feather to keep that mystery and temptation alive. We're fans of this naughty pink version from Zalo.
best massage candle
meltable massage candle
This baby from maude burns into warm wax stacked with aphrodisiac scents you can drip all over your lover and you.
romantic candles
aphrodisiac or unscented candles
Flooding your pad with low-lit ambiance instantly creates a sensual vibe. You can opt for aphrodisiac candles or simple long-lasting tea lights or votives. Cabin Fever from Forvr Mood blends base notes of vanilla and sugared rose with ginger, fig, honey and more. 


aphrodisiac incense
mood-making incense
Vyrao's Witchy aphrodisiac incense sticks open creativity and courage with a sexy blend of orris absolute, bergamot, patchouli, frankincense, cinnamon, sandalwood, among others. $50 for 30.

best sleep mask

Keeping your blindfold in a state of relaxed suspense can heighten their experience.


best massage oils

massage oils
We love a good CBD-infused massage oil like the one from Lord Jones. Weleda warming massage oils act like lube for muscles. And we love Bloomi's version which is jacked with both CBD and botanical aphrodisiacs. In a pinch, use straight-up coconut oil, which is naturally anti-bacterial. 


sexy silk sheets

silk or satin sheets
If you don't have a massage table, you can always use your bed. Switching out the sheets adds a sexier vibe and sets the tone for the unexpected.


best vibrator

There are so many on the market from Theragun to Lola, but we like the OG Magic Wand. What it lacks in sex appeal and aesthetic, it makes up for in pure performance. 


scalp massager

scalp massager
A scalp massage can be instant relaxation.


sexy sunday playlist

sexy playlist
You want your partner relaxed but not necessarily asleep. We love a good sensual playlist that's romantic, naughty or designed to stretch foreplay to mindnumbing levels. If you're massaging solo, a nice playlist for one works brilliantly.


a sitter ;)
If you've got pets or kids or both, this is the time to make the house your own. 


What massage tools do you use to heighten your erotic massages? 👇💋