try these expert hacks + get minutes away from a mindblowing orgasm

Most advice on orgasms focuses on how to have them — but the truth is that having mindblowing orgasms doesn’t guarantee you’ll be satisfied with your sex life or have better sex. Some people find their orgasms underwhelming or are bored experiencing the same thing all the time.

If you don’t get what the big deal is about those few seconds of contractions, that’s understandable. Most of us aren’t given the tools to not just have orgasms, but to have great orgasms. But with some experimentation and a few adjustments, most of us can start having the kind of other-worldly orgasm that has you speaking in tongues and grabbing the bedpost for dear life. Here are a few hacks that can help get you there.

mindblowing orgasms


learn the “extended orgasm” technique

A technique called extended orgasm allows some people to orgasm for minutes or even hours. There’s no limit! You can read step-by-step instructions here, but the basic idea is, you or a partner lifts up your clitoral hood and strokes your clitoris very lightly with a lubed-up finger. Meanwhile, you aim to stay relaxed and avoid tensing your vaginal muscles. The resulting sensation is an orgasmic feeling that keeps on flowing through your body rather than peaking and then crashing.


stimulate multiple areas

Aim to engage not just your clitoris but also your G-spot, cervix, nipples, anus or other sensitive areas. I recommend the LELO Ida Wave for this because it’s designed to stimulate the clitoris and G-spot as well as other parts of the vulva. You can also combine clitoral stimulation using a hand or toy with penetration during intercourse. A lot of people find that they need clitoral stimulation to orgasm, but if they combine it with penetration, the orgasm will feel like it’s coming from a deeper place.


connect with your breath

Conscious breathing can help connect you to the sensations you’re feeling during sex and intensify them. Try imagining your breath traveling to the part of your body where you want to amplify sensation, and make as much noise as you can when you exhale. 


try orgasm denial or edging

Orgasm denial is when a partner holds off on allowing you to orgasm, making the orgasm extra powerful once it finally arrives. You can also do this yourself in the form of edging — getting close to orgasm, backing off, touching yourself again, and repeating as many times as you’d like. The more you are dying to have that orgasm, the better it’ll feel when you climax.


when you think you’re done, keep going

Some people think they can’t have multiple orgasms because their clitoris becomes uncomfortable to touch or unresponsive after one. However, there are some tricks to work around this. One method is to have the first orgasm using manual stimulation and use a vibrator for the second. Often, the vibrations will be powerful enough to wake your clit back up. Another method is to give your clit a break, stimulate other parts of the vulva (for some people, the area around the urethra is sensitive), then return to the clit once you’re turned on again. Trust me — it’ll still be there waiting for you, and you may be surprised by how long it can go on for. 

What are your favorite hacks for mindblowing orgasms? 👇💋

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